Bing Search and Maps on Motorola Chinese Android Phones

By Peter Chubb - Mar 11, 2010

With the ongoing rows between Google and China it comes as no surprise that Motorola Chinese Android Phones will begin to offer Bing Search and Maps. Engadget informs us that this new service will begin in Q1 – with users benefiting form a pre-loaded Bing bookmark on their browser, a search widget with Bing integration will then improve your search experience.

The idea that Motorola allowing users to customize their Android handsets more with another search provider such Bing, helps Microsoft increase its market share in mobile search – something that would not have happened with their older search format.

It is no secret that choice is the easiest way to get on side with cell phone users – so Motorola are very clever in making this choice. Doing this in the Chinese market will do nothing but good – the new Bing Search feature will be done through and over-the-air update for current models.

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