Apple iPhone 4G and iPad: OS 3.2 SDK reveals support for more gestures

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2010

It seems as if the latest Apple iPhone OS 3.2 SDK is revealing a lot more hints and features than we expected. The latest rumors are that the upcoming iphone 4G and even iPad could come with yet more gesture features.

As reported from TFTS, as many as 10 new gestures have been uncovered in the latest SDK, two of which are brand new. These are ”3Tap” and ”LongPress”. No details on what these gestures could involve in relation to the iPhone 4G or iPad, but TFTS point out that most, if not all of the gestures will be featured within the next version of the iPhone.

For the full list of gestures, head to the link above. Usual ones such as Pan-Mix, Pinch-In, Pinch-Mix, Pinch-Out have been listed, but let us know if you have any ideas about the new ones we mentioned above.

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