Video: Runaway Toyota Prius: How to Stop One

By Peter Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

There seems to be many mores cases of runaway Toyota Prius vehicles – the most recent being the one that involved the help of the police – see recent post. The driver of the Hybrid had no idea what to do when his car was traveling at 94mph and could not bring it to a stop.

Thankfully we have located three videos that show you how to bring your Prius to a complete stop. The advice about how to stop these runaway gas/electric vehicles was offered by car experts and police.

SF Gate explains that Carolyn Coquillette – owner and lead technician of San Francisco’s Luscious Garage in the three videos below. She shows you how you can just shift the vehicles into neutral or to shut off the engine to come to a complete stop.

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  • drew

    what you just showed is that is indeed a electrical problem with the speed controll which also knows when you are breaking at the same time as stepping on the gas. You are going to see in the coming months that toyota is going to go through the biggest recall in history!!!!!!