Toyota Angry with GM: Taxpayers Money Used for Incentives

By Peter Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

We all know that Toyota are having a few issues with their vehicles, which has resulted in over 8 million of them being recalled. General Motors have had their own hassles but smelt blood and went after the Japanese automakers customers – by offering incentives to them.

Both Toyota and Lexus owners were targeted in this campaign – but the automaker has now launched an attack on GM, saying that the incentives was used at the expense of the taxpayer. The reason is simple – the U.S. government owns a 60 percent stake in General Motors. So if you think about it, you have not saved money buying a new GM vehicle – you already paid for it out of your taxes.

According to Autoblog, Toyota states that GM has been reckless, but there is no proof to back this up. We know that the American government own a majority stake in the Detroit auto company, but they are still allowed to run as an autonomously.

Do you agree that GM should be offering these incentives?

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  • Joe

    Absolutely not. Bad enough they had to steel OUR taxpayer money to keep afloat, but they also shafted their shareholders. Additionally, I went to buy a new Silvarado truck – bank check/cash sale, and they told me the internet price did not include $1,000 to be added on if you did not own a Toyota or Lexus!!! That ticked me off. I pay my taxes, have always bought American, have owned a GMC truck for 13 years, now want to buy a new Chevy Silvarado and can't get the $1,000 off because I do not own a Toyota??? That is ridiculous–GMC is as sleezy as the Government. BTW, all these years all my friends have gone to Toyota, and despite the MEDIA crap we keep hearing, everyone I know has had no problems with Toyotas!!!

  • Gary

    Absolutely, after all it is American tax dollars, paid by American workers, being spent in America to benefit Americans. Even though the domestics have been forced to source some of their manufacturing outside the US in order to compete with the cheaper foreign vehicles being recklessly allowed in by the federal government, a MUCH larger percentage of revenue from the domestic sale stays circulating here in the US. The last figures I've seen indicate that Toyota still imports about half of what they sell here in the US ( now planning to close their plant in CA and ship those jobs back to Japan) taking BILLIONS of US dollars out of our economy and putting it into theirs. Toyota has yet to create a single job here in the US since the token number of people they employ here simply replaced an American auto worker at a rate of one job for every three they destroyed. So Toyota should stop trying to turn Americans against an American company when they are really only interested in turning US dollars into YEN !!! And for all of you in this country that have chosen to send your US dollars to support a foreign auto company, please don't display symbols of American patriotism on your foreign vehicle…it's just too hypocritical.