The Sims 3: Xbox 360 and PS3 release confirmed – EA

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2010

We have some good news for fans of The Sims franchise now, as EA has unintentionally confirmed that The Sims 3 will be heading to home consoles during the holiday season this year.

As reported from Eurogamer, Eric Brown revealed the juicy details in a recent investors call – which you can listen to here.

As this hasnt been made official by EA, we are not certain on the exact platforms that the game will be coming to, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it includes the PS3 and Xbox 360, maybe even the Nintendo Wii.

The PC version of the game has been available since June last year, so it makes perfect sense to introduce the game on consoles before Christmas.

Let us know your thoughts on this. We’ll update this when we know more.

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  • Kaylani

    does it come out this christmas?! ps3 all the way!!!

  • joyy

    omggggg i wanna get it this christmas. please tell me it comes out now ish…

  • emma

    omg! cant believe iht i hope iht comes out before christmas so i can ask for iht im such a big fan i have the sims 3 for pc but iht wouldn't work one day so i had to delete iht i havn't added iht back on yet but i cant wait pleez dont change your mind about bringing iht to console i really want iht xxx

  • laura

    i soo cantt waitt for it to come out ! im a huge sims fan 😀 it looks so good aswell i cud play it al day and nite

  • very game, i liked

  • Kywaun

    Hi! So this game is comming out before christmas or after christmas? And also how would u put cheats in LOL?

    • Alex B

      it would probably be some kind of cheat gnome like in the older games

  • RCninja

    It has been said on some selling websites (e.g. Game, amazon etc.) that it would be released on the 29th of october 2010. However gamplay have said they will release it on the 22nd of September. Will they actually release it on the 22nd of September? Or are they trying to scam us and most probably deliver on the 29th of october so they get more orders than the big retailers?

  • Payne

    I have recently read that it will be on 360, ps3, wii, and the ds. Ps3 and 360 will be closer to the overhead god mode thing that the pc or mac uses. The wii will be closer to the older consoles and the ds is the only one that you control the sim directly. Also, its close to the 25th to 28th of october 2010! So, just before the holiday season

  • Leo

    Is it 2010????? or was it last year??/

  • poop and cheese

    oooooooooooo i cant waiiit

  • seth

    it said it was cancelled a long time ago for the 360 and ps3 so hopefully this means they decided to not cancel it… it pissed me off when they cancelled it all the major sims games came out on xbox and ps2 atleast so this needs to hit xbox360 and ps3. i think if they put it out on the wii it would ruin it like the wii has done to so many games.

  • ashley

    i would luv it 2 come out on xbox 360 and others cant wait 2 play it again so u guys make it happen i'd b so happy

  • alex

    i hope it comes out i am such a huge sims fan, and i got it comes out for ps3 ASAP!!! The sims 3 is awesome i love the sims franchise!

  • Yay!!

    I cant wait for this to come out and i hope its just like the computer one! except i hope you can like get on live and go to other peoples neighborhoods or something! i loved the sims games on consoles! (owns them all) I hope EA doesnt screw it up tho! im pretty excited!

  • person

    i cant wait that long it should come out in april,may,or june.:(

  • Lee

    hope it does come out!
    want to play it, now! :]