New iPhone to Launch in China: Not 4G

By Peter Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

As we know Apple has been trying to get its iPhone back in China for some tome now, recent reports suggest that Apple is working on a new model for China Unicom – but not the 4G. We are not certain what will change with the re-designed version, but it will have to include Chinese standard Wi-Fi capabilities.

ITProPortal reports that Apple tried to gain the lucrative Chinese market with its iPhone smartphone back in October – things did not go well. The problem was with the fake version of the iPhone – it had more to offer than the genuine model.

Apple and Unicom were then asked by the Chinese government not to support Wi-Fi – instead offer WAPI, the Chinese standard. The Wall Street Journal reports that both parties have come up with something new and will be able to offer it to the Chinese market once again.

We do not have any information as to what the changes will be, but Apple will need to lower the price of the handset to compete with that fake model.

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