New iPhone 4G: Will AT&T handle video calls in 2010?

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

Even before the debut of the iPhone 3GS the rumors surrounding video calling had been getting people excited especially with the apparent photos floating around showing a position for a front facing camera.

So it’s no surprise that with the new “iPhone 4G” video calling rumors have got people wanting more, and with one of the larger UK operators seeming to be the main source it can only refresh the public’s hopes.

However with the strong possibility of video calling coming to the US the question has to be if AT&T offers it will the network be able to handle it? Especially with some iPhone 3G owners suffering calling problems.

Although current iPhone users will no doubt be hot for the edition of video calling, will they be worried about the possible loss of quality to their service? What are your thoughts? Read more about the background of AT&T’s network and the possibility of video calling on ZDNET.

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