New iPhone 4G: 25 Features Needed and Wanted

By Peter Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

The iPhone 3GS is now more than 7 months old and is the reason that many people speculated that we will see a new model in June or July. The reason behind this is simple, Apple always launches a new model every year – but will this be the iPhone 4G?

So many things have already been discussed about this rumored smartphone – what new features will it have and will Verizon finally get it. The rumors state that the new iPhone will be called 4G – this is not to be confused with 4G networks, it only means 4th-generation of the handset.

As you can imagine, many people have been talking about what new features the iPhone 4G will come with – ranging from hardware to design. Cnet have been searching the Internet high and low to see what our wish list would be for the handset – they have made up a list of the top 25 features needed and wanted.

Visit Cnet now for the complete list.

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