Modern Warfare 2: Xbox 360 DLC release date confirmed

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2010

We told you it was coming sometime this week, and here it is. Infinity Ward has just announced that the first DLC content for Modern Warfare 2 will be releasing at the end of the month on Xbox 360.

As reported from Eurogamer, that date is 30th March – so better put some cash aside guys. As you know, Microsoft has an exclusive deal in place, in which they’ll get the DLC 30 days before anyone else, i.e – the Sony PS3.

No details on what the content will be yet, but we expect that to come out next week or so. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Will you be buying the extra content or not?

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  • Stephen

    if u got vip for bc2 just get the dlc because in bc2 if u have vip u get the upcoming maps for free

  • RobWithGuns

    The only thing that'll convince me to get (or buy) DLC for this game is an MP map of D.C. like the White House. That would be epic. Oh, I would also like to see some new mode for the game be released, Global Thermonuclear War 😀 but other than those things, nothing on MW2 is really appealing to me anymore, it's just the game I play when I have connection problems on BC2 now and maybe since the servers are "fixed" now, I won't have to do that anymore.

  • Wow

    After playing BFBC2 thinking of mw2 makes me tired and bored, thinking of glitchers and noob dropshotters. i think i may download this but this dlc is the only thing stopping me from selling MW2, because i have a 1.87 KD and im sick of going 11-0 in search and then 4-7. guns are overpowered and this game has more flaws than my mother’s face does.

  • anonymous

    Not sure if ill get this DLC now tbh, after playing BFBC2, MW2 just isn't as appealing

    • I'm sure you are not the only one dude. Bad Company 2 has blown a lot of people away, including myself. 😀

      • Bernie Getts

        BBC2 is more overhyped and less enjoyable than MW2. It's insane how bad the physics are on BBC2. Bring on the MW2 DLC!

        • darcy.

          Bad Company 2 was over hyped?