Google Earth lets cyclists access maps

By Peter Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

There is no denying how helpful Google Earth is as it allows Google Maps to run along with a number of other programs. The latest feature has now added bike directions – ideal for all you cyclists out there. The number one search engine hopes that this will encourage more people to use their bike.

To take advantage of this new feature – just select “Bicycling” layer within Google Maps. You will then be met by a bunch of different information, such as bike lanes and trails in the area that you are in. Google Bike Maps comes with a great feedback option, if you spot a problem on the route that you are cycling – just add the information into Google Maps for fellow cyclist’s to see.

This new feature that uses Google Earth technology is now available in 150 cities – including New York, Boston and LA. There are so many things that are great with Google Maps for cyclists, but there are one or two problems. The most notable problem is how hard it will be to use the software while cycling – we have a hard enough time doing it while walking.

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