Google Earth Games: Best of List

By Peter Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

Some of you may not know but Google Earth can be used for more than just getting an aerial view of places around the globe and on the ground with Street View, you can play games as well. These are not going to challenge you in any way or offer you the best graphics – but they will pass the time away.

Google Earth Blog have put together what they think are some of the best Google Earth games – so let us take a look at them.

The first is a classic when it comes to games on the computer The Flight Simulator: This game was launched when Google Earth 4.2 was released. You, the pilot will take control of an F16 or an SR22 – flying from airports around the world.

The second game is GEWAR: The game proved popular from the start – getting better with each update. Another great game is Ships: You take control of 3D ships as you sail the sees. The ships will rock just as if you were on a real one.

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