Google Apps Marketplace: Full details and developer costs

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2010

Google has just announced and unveiled the Google Apps Marketplace. It will launch with around 50 applications from the start, bringing advantages to both users – who now have an individual marketplace to find useful Apps all in one place and developers – who can make money by developing these apps and selling them to users.

As reported from Zdnet, the process of developing applications for Google Apps Marketplace will cost developers $100 to sign up to the program. This will give devs access to the tools to make the applications, which you can then sell on to other businesses.

For the customer, apps are likely to be available for $50 to several hundred dollars annually per user. But its also worthwhile to point out, that most of these apps could end up being free, ad-supported apps.

What are your thoughts on the new Marketplace from Google?

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