GDC 2010: Rock Band 3 confirmed: Which instrument do you want?

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2010

We have some pretty exciting news for Rock Band fans around the world, as Harmonix has just confirmed Rock Band 3. Details are minor at the moment, but it will be available this year in the holiday season on multiformat.

As Eurogamer explains, the actual confirmation came from Harmonix’ official Facebook page, and not via a press release – which sort of explains why we dont actually know any specific details regarding the 3rd edition.

All I’m thinking of at the moment, is the idea of them bringing new instruments into the game – like a keyboard peripheral. I think its fair to say that this is the most requested instrument for the game so far – can you think of any others?

Let us know your thoughts on the news. Still into Rock Band or have you moved on?

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