Crysis 2 (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC): Two new screenshots released

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2010

Yet more good news for Crysis fans now, as we have found not one, but two more juicy screenshots that have popped up on a German website. They are just as jaw-droppingly good as the previous batch we told you about recently.

The German site in question is PC Games, who have uploaded the two new images along side the original collection of images which you can see here too.

The first one shows a scenery shot from one of the levels, while the second is a fantastic close-up of one of the character models featured in the game.

While many are predicting that Microsoft and Sony will steal the show this year with their respective motion controllers, we have a feeling that Crysis 2 will do very well indeed, once it is released in Q4 this year.

Early contender for game of the year perhaps?

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  • jacko

    'we have a feeling that Crysis 2 will do very well indeed'

    who is we? dont you mean you do since you are the one writing the article

    also whats with the statement 'Early contender for game of the year perhaps?'

    you posted this on march 10th so you obviously alredy have seen
    mass effect 2's 96% score

    you seriously think crysis 2 with just graphics alone (which you are judging from graphical screenshots) can win game of the year lol?

    good luck then >.>

    • WIllyman

      lol yeah I agree with you, but so far it seems that Crytek games with good graphics do well, so I think it might have a small chance of becoming game of the year, just a small chance. They would have to make the games combat better than it was in the first one and PC users like me, won't have to upgrade our comps' that much or at all.