Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC): Servers are now working fine after maintenance

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2010

We have some good news for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 owners now, as EA has just confirmed that servers should be good to go now, on all three platforms, after successful maintenance this morning.

In case you were wondering why you couldn’t connect earlier on the Xbox 360, a ‘last minute issue’ prevented it from resuming alongside the PS3 version, but all is fine now, according to their latest statement on Twitter.

How are you getting on with the game at the moment? Impressed with what you see, or still think Modern Warfare 2 has the edge?

I know a lot of my friends are pretty impressed with the game, surprised is probably a better word to use. Anyway, let us know if you are still having problems connecting to servers.

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  • Ansastu

    Hi, When I installed my game I was happy, then when I load it the Updater comes out and starts the game… Well The screen turns black then a loading cursor comes up and it closes. =/ ANy help?

  • toph324

    As of 3/13 & 3/14, I'm still seeing the kick out to dashboard issue, espeically the first time when loading the game. A few times it worked the second time after reboot. But that's too many to begin with. Now I remember why I moved over to CoD after bugs with 2142 p'd me off enough. I *WAS* willing to give EA another shot…but that's gone bye-byes now. EA, spend less money on false marketing and more money on R&D and QA….and QA…and QA…and QA. Get it?

  • chanchantony

    whats going on, i bought my game yesterday (12/03/2010, i'm in Australia). I had managed to play this game 2 times only. After since then, whenever i tried to load online multiplayer game, it always got stuck at loading page (Every single time). It's REALLY annoying. It'd be great if EA can look into this issue n fix it ASAP.


    12 march i cant connect to online multiplayer either. come on EA sort it now!!!

  • Blue

    I've had problems with my system freezing too. Only way to unfreeze is reset the system. The only happens with BFBC2. I have noticed that my PS3 has a humming sound when playing this game – sounds a lot like an out of balance or warped disc.

  • Syri0

    PB Init errors, random disconnects, unable to connect to EA servers, unable to connect to games with available slots… great game, TERRIBLE planning by EA. Not impressed at all…

  • Dean

    7:41pm on March 10, 2010 and I cannot log on. I know it is Bad Company 2 issue due to all other online capabilities work. I want to play get this sorted out.

  • Scott

    I dunno what the hell is going on with their servers lol. For some reason I can't get in a game as of 4:00 PST. Kinda frustrating, but I know these problems will be fixed sooner or later.

  • josh

    still not working in ohio

  • ede

    to guest

    🙂 haha go play Super Mario. Go bunny hop.

    BFBC 2 is an amazing game.

  • Guest

    On the PS3 I've experienced unexplained freezes, I've got video of tank rounds going straight through peoples chest, grenade launchers also go though someone and explode at feet but do no damage, and mortar strikes that land on top of a person and they just walk away this game has some severe issues. There is no way to chose a game it automatically picks one for you finding friends is extremely hard. All in All I give Bad company 2 a 4 out of 10. It is just a good looking FPS nothing more it doesn't push the edge of anything its simply a simple FPS. Going to be buying another soon already bored. Oh I hate the fact that there are no lvl caps for rooms. So a newbie with nothing unlock gets to fight LT's and up who have unlocked armor upgraded ammo, ect. newbie don't stand a chance. This game is going to be an Epic failure, sure it will have it following but its nothing it was billed to be. A simple, but good looking FPS nothing more. Played many better FPS.

    • Packow

      You sir, are a crying noob. Suck it up.

    • MTM

      You could have played a whole round instead of typing that diatribe. Priorities man…priorities…

  • Wow

    one of my friends, on xbox live, Stewie795 got kicked off the servers for 55 minutes (exactly) on the 9th, but after that everything worked fine, wierd huh? Anyways, i’m loving the game but i haven’t been doing so hot since the 8th

    • Its all about the medics 😀