3D TVs: Don’t Hurry to Buy One

By Peter Chubb - Mar 10, 2010

We are now three months in to 2010 and the early showings of 3D TVs that we saw at CES are now coming to the market. Panasonic and Samsung have now released theirs, Sony is to launch their first 3DTV models in June – which we mentioned in a recent post.

So you now have a decision to make – should I buy one? The simple answer would be no, we have a good reason for this – the price is too high and the technology is still in its infant stage. If you are one of those who always want new technology as soon as it is launched – then please, do not let us stop you.

We are not certain how long it will be before the next-generation of 3DTVs are released, it could be a few years down the line. If you do want to get yourself a new 3DTV then take my advice – wait until Black Friday or Christmas as there will be some great deals offered to you.

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