Verizon Google Nexus One Release Date Confirmed

By Peter Chubb - Mar 9, 2010

We reported yesterday that the release of the Google Nexus One on Verizon was coming soon, that date has now been confirmed as March 23 – during CTIA 2010. This means that you will then be able to get the latest Android handset from three sources – T-Mobile, Verizon and direct with Google.

Phones Review has learned from Cool Tech Zone that Verizon have already started to train its staff about the Nexus One. Google and Verizon have chosen this date for good reason – maximum exposure. This is something that Verizon are good at doing, we just wish that Apple would do the same when they decide to launch a new version of its iPhone.

Getting the Nexus One means that Verizon are not too worried about getting the iPhone. We know that the latest Android handset is not as good as the iPhone, but Google are starting to wear them down – judging by recent smartphone sales figures.

Will you be purchasing the Google Nexus One on Verizon or will you wait for an iPhone 4G announcement?

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  • eager one

    Definitely waiting for the N1…..
    It’s April for crying out loud and I’m still waiting!

  • aaron

    Change this page dammit the phone isnt out yet and its already 4/25 how fucking misleading

  • Eileen

    I would like to purchase the Nexus One for Verizon. I am a Verizon customer and would like to remain one. I have no problem with my service only my choice of phones. It is time for Verizon to step up to the plate.

  • Rick

    WHy are you guys freaking over the Nexus One? The phone to wait for is the Incredible. The N1 is already outdated by it.

    • MasterbatingFurby

      You don't know what you are talking about.

  • Steve

    I have to say that I'm one of those unfortunate souls who has a friend with AT&T. His nexus one literally gave me butterflies. For half a second I considered switching to that awful network just to have that phone. The next day he was telling me about some new features he'd discovered on it and good old AT&T dropped the call. I was rolling on the floor laughing! Guess I'm going to wait for the best phone to be released on the best network- Verizon. I have tried them all and Big Red wins in my book. Sprint is a close second.

  • guest

    So, confirmed. . . . . This is why the market is all over the place, speculation! All we ask is for you to be honest and not lie! Don't confirm something when you have no valid conformation to start with. We would all like to have the Nexus One but you bastards are getting us stirred up for no apparent reason, just stop it!!!

  • Alex

    "confirmed source" my ass

  • So, it is 3/23/2010 – where is the phone?!

  • bubba

    Not as good as the iPhone? Wow, way to stay objective! And every credible tech site rates the Nexus One as, at the very least, "as good" as the iPhone.

    Yeah there's no source material quoted here, so hopefully he is right but don't get your hopes up, just in case.

  • Punching Judy

    My lack of Nexus is killing me.

  • Kenny Powers

    My Peter is currently Chubb.

  • jdjr

    So, it may be correct that this Mr. Chubb's post here is completely false (not to mention his English is horrible; seriously, read a book or something), however, Verizon's current promotion ("buy one smartphone get one free") does seem to be an indicator that they are making room for the Nexus One. I'm ready to leave my lame addiction to both Sprint and Palm/Treo (circa Palm Pilot days). Sad. Happy.

    [NOTE: I do not claim to be an English Major, yet, I also do not write for a living – those that do should act like it.]

  • Janus

    Here is the coming of the new age, be prapare for new OS that will defeat Apple, Windows, Linux, and others. Stay tuned in 2013.

    • Stevie

      android is linux… silly janus

  • Ahmed

    Of crouse will buy Nexus One, NO 3G, 4G, or 9999G, I don't like Apple policy, so closed, you only buy apps from their greedy store (itune). no freedom for developers, you have to use MAC computer to develope for iPhone, then you have to apply and pay a fee, then wait for months before they accept you as developer, then write your application and submit it, and wait for months for them to decide to accept or reject, and even if they accept your app., you have to pay 30% of the sale price to them, the story isn't done here, you sale thousands of copies, and some bugs found on your app, and you try to fix quikly and relsease but aha, you have to re-submit your app and wait for months, in which during that time your app users are giving you bad feedback which will effect your future sales, even if you try to change your name, you will start from zero, apply as developer ..moths …etc. who in their right mind will see a free better platform and yet choose to go with totally the opposite.

  • Joe


    Everybody does NOT know that the iphone is better than the N1. The Nexus has several features that place is squarely ahead of the Apple product, not the least among them being the ability to multi-task. Do your homework and quit sounding like a fanboy.

  • Joe


    We all do NOT know that the iphone is better than the Nexus One. You sound like a fanboy. The N1 has several features, already well documented in many publications that are superior to the iphone. Do your homework and don’t bury your head in Apples.

  • chris

    Who is this confirmed by? source?
    and i love this lame/stupid comment: "We know that the latest Android handset is not as good as the iPhone,"
    Thanks for your "opinion"-ated article.

  • Steve

    Thanks for confirming this — I've been holding out for the Nexus One to come to Verizon since they released it. Not an iPhone guy myself so alleged 4G isn't doing anything for me

    • Chris

      This is far from confirmed. While it's certainly plausible that something will be announced on 3/23, the likelyhood of this phone landing in Verizon stores is very low. This report is poorly written and factually inaccurate. 3 sources, T-Mobile, Verizon and Google direct? You can't get an N1 from T-Mobile today and won't be able to tomorrow. The phones are sold by Google and can be purchased together with contracts from TMo and Verizon at subsidized prices or unsubsidized without a contract. Reports from this site are complete garbage.

  • Paul Brown

    “Will you be purchasing the Google Nexus One on Verizon or will you wait for an iPhone 4G announcement?”

    Neither, actually. I know geeks. When Nexus One becomes available on Verizon’s network, the price of used Droid’s on eBay (currently averaging ~$350 US) will start to decline. Geeks will be more interested in the latest thing, so Droid demand will fall. Meanwhile, some will decide to “trade up” to the new toy, so the supply of used Droids will rise. Couple that with the release of Android 2.1 for Motorola Droid, and I see a no-brainer.

    I won’t consider iPhone on anybody’s network. The device, its operating system, and its after-market apps are kept under the thumb of one company. I find that scenario to be intolerable. Moreover, it’s likely to place iPhone at a real disadvantage when trying to compete against the rapid evolution occurring in a dynamic open source environment.

  • ccc

    I'm dumping my Storm for Nexus One ASAP.

    • Banker


      Peace BB, no longer do I have to defend you against my iPwn buddies (which was always a losing battle)

    • Janet

      I hate my BbS … can't wait to get my hands on the Nexus One

    • BbS sucks!

      The Storm is a joke! I hate mine, as SOON as the N1 comes out its bye bye BbS. Its hurry up and wait though right now. 🙁

  • Daniel

    I’ve been on Palm phones since 1999 when I got my VisorPhone. I was all set to get the Palm Pre Plus through Verizon when the first rumors of Big Red getting the Nexus One came out. As good as the WebOS is, Palm seems destined to bury itself as a company, and Android is really good. I drooled over my friend’s new Droid, but the keyboard was awful. I thought I could never do without a physical keyboard, but with everything I’ve heard about the Nexus One, I’m willing to do without it. March 23 will be my way-early birthday present to myself.

    • John

      it comes out on my birthday so itll just be a birthday present to my self!

  • AnthonySTL

    Nexus one is much better than the iphone. It's faster, It has better resolution and possibilities are endless on this phone. I felt confined on the iphone. no multitasking, minimal customization and I forced to use annoying apple software (itunes) I will never buy another iphone!!!