Sony PS3 Outsells Xbox 360 and Wii: By generation’s End

Three consoles – PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii – dominate the gaming market and it is the latter that is king when it comes to sales. However, according to a forecast by Strategy Analytics, it shows that by generations end – the PlayStation 3 will outsell its rivals.

The report shows that by the end of the PS3’s lifecycle it would have sold more than 127 million units – the Wii would have sold just 103 million units. You will be forgiven for thinking that the analyst in charge of the report was biased towards the PS3, as it also suggest that the Sony games consoles will still be viable five years after Nintendo replace the Wii.

David Mercer believes that 2010 will see a slump in console sales, which will then peak in 2011, 2012 and 2014. This years sales could see a drop by as much as 9 percent – a total of 47.5 million units.

We are certain that there will be other analysts that will refute these claims. For more details visit PC World.



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