Singularity (Xbox 360 & PS3): Release Date Confirmed by Amazon

By Jamie Pert - Mar 9, 2010

Back in early January we posted an article which suggested that the release date of Singularity had been pushed back to June 1st 2010, we have recently heard that Amazon and Gamefly have listed the game with a later release date.

According to both retailers Singularity will be launched for PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 29th, prior to this it was believed that the game was delayed as Raven Software were attempting to avoid clashing with “competitive titles”, however now it seems as if they are perhaps having problems developing the game.

Initially we expected a late 2009 release, however this was pushed back to March 26th 2010, therefore whether the game will stick to a late June 2010 release is unclear, I very much doubt that prospective buyers will be willing to wait much longer then mid 2010.

Will you buy Singularity no matter when it is released?

Source: JoyStiq

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