Project Natal (Xbox 360): All Titles Coming to E3 2010

By Jamie Pert - Mar 9, 2010

Every year the hype surrounding the annual E3 show is huge, however this year with the addition of 3D gaming and more from Microsoft’s Project Natal I predict one of the most exciting shows for a long time.

Microsoft have recently revealed that they will be bringing the full line up of Project Natal titles to E3 2010, therefore we should see more than the three demos we saw last year (Milo and Kate, Paint Party and Ricochet).

Apparently two games which are under development which will utilize Project Natal’s technology are EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis and Fable III, perhaps we will see these at E3 2010.

I simply cannot wait for June 2010, the World Cup and E3, its going to be great!

Source: JoyStiq

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