Nintendo Wii: Three year old kills herself by mistaking gun for Wii peripheral

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2010

It has been confirmed that a three year old girl in Tennessee, US has been killed – following an incident where she mistook a Nintendo Wii ‘gun’ peripheral for an actual gun, fatally wounding herself in the abdomen.

According to AllAboutTheGames, the accident happened on Sunday night, where it was revealed that the girl’s Stepfather left a real gun on the living room table, who was apparently asleep when it happened.

However, the girl’s mother was in the room when it happened and stated that her daughter thought the real gun was a Nintendo Wii controller, and had learned how to pull the trigger after using the Wii peripheral on TV.

No word from Nintendo on this matter yet. An investigation is under way, so let us know your thoughts on this one. A picture is below – Real gun on top, the Wii controller on the bottom.

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  • Freddie

    I dont have anything against america but this is a prime example of possesions of guns is legal, especially if complete idiots can get hold of one then leave it on their dinning room table with a 3 year old running around

  • Heather

    I don't think Nintendo makes a gun that looks llike that. The only Wii guns that look like that are made by off brand companies so I don't think Nintendo should have to say anything about this.

    On a more personal note, YOU DON"T LEAVE A GUN (LOADED OR NOT) LAYING ON A TABLE WITH CHILDREN AROUND! Guns should be locked up and put away where children can not reach them. The parent's should face charges of negligence. It might have been a mistake but all it takes is a little common sense to prevent accidents of this nature. Not all Tennesseans are as careless as this. I'm a Tennessean and I know better than to leave a weapon out where my children can possibly get their hands on it.

  • Jeff Bridges

    "No word from Nintendo on this matter yet."

    Why should Nintendo say anything? They didn't accidentally package a gun instead of a controller… some retarded parents left one lying around within a child's reach. Lock the parents up for negligence. They only have themselves to blame that an innocent girl has died.

  • Mememe

    Send the Mum and Dad to jail now. Either that or subsitute the Mum's haridryer for a gun and the Dad's electric razor for the same.

  • TimmY

    outfookingrageous…. only in america….