Lost Planet 2 (PS3 and Xbox 360): Epic gameplay and cut-scene trailer released

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2010

We have some great news for Lost Planet 2 fans now, as Capcom has just released a brand new trailer which is over 4 minutes in length showing all-new gameplay and cutscenes – its pretty epic.

As VG247 rightly points out, the music featured within the trailer is making me want to buy it already. I’m a sucker for the epic music – I’ll admit it.

As for the trailer itself, there is plenty on offer in terms of gameplay, cutscenes, a look at weapon customization, co-op mode and a good look at the characters and enemies features in the game.

If you are thinking of getting the game on either PS3 or Xbox 360 on May 18th, this trailer is simply unmissable. Let us know your thoughts on it.

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