IPhone OS SDK 3.2 Beta 4: iPad Tools and Fixes

By Peter Chubb - Mar 9, 2010

The release of the iPad is just around the corner – so why has Apple launched the new IPhone OS SDK 3.2 Beta 4? We know that the new Software Development Kit comes with a host of new tools and fixes; maybe it was this that delayed the launch of the tablet device.

We only have three days before you can pre-order the iPad, so Apple are cutting things a bit fine. Not much is known about what has changed with IPhone OS SDK 3.2 Beta 4 – we will offer more information once we get it.

Looking back at past SDK updates we can be certain that there will be some new goodies – but it is iPhone OS 4.0 that we are all waiting on. According to Examiner, they expect to see the new operating system as early as June at Apple’s WWDC.

If you are a developer and you have information about what updates IPhone OS SDK 3.2 Beta 4 has – please let us know.

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