HP Windows 7 Slate: iPad Flash Sneak Attack Video

By Peter Chubb - Mar 9, 2010

Apple had hoped to get some attention with its iPad during the Oscars, it worked but was short lived – it seems that HP have plans of their own. As we know Hewlett Packard have teamed up with Microsoft to give us the Windows 7 slate, but have decided to attack the iPad in the process.

As you can see from the two videos below the new HP tablet device will run on Windows 7 and support Flash – something that is not seen on the iPad. We know that Steve Jobs hates Flash and wants to promote HTML 5 instead. The iPad will suffer for a while – that is until more websites begin to support HTML 5 as YouTube does.

Wired explains that unlike the Apple iPad the HP tablet will give you a full web browser experience – no sacrifices are made – so could be the ideal tablet. We know that the iPad will be released on April 3 and we also know pricing details. HP is yet to unveil pricing or release date – although it should be later this year.

Will you purchase the Apple iPad in April or wait for the HP Windows tablet?

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