HP Slate vs Apple iPad: What HP Think

By Jamie Pert - Mar 9, 2010

Prior to Apple revealing their iPad, HP and Microsoft revealed their still unnamed slate device, today HP have revealed that they are currently “readying a Windows 7-powered slate PC”.

HP believe that their slate will offer a full web browsing experience with support for Adobe Flash, they also believe that on the whole their slate will offer a more complete computing experience than the soon to be released Apple iPad.

HP’s Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for its Personal Systems Group recently blogged “”No watered down Internet, no sacrifices” which is an obvious dig at Apple.

As I have previously stated, competition in the tablet market is always good for end users, I must admit that a tablet which features multi-tasking and Flash support does sound desirable, as long as the interface an build quality is similar to that of the Apple iPad.

Source: InformationWeek

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  • John Kennedy

    I agree that competition is a good thing. One thing that apple has always had going for it is that they control the hardware and software. This allows their computers to work seemlessly. The only problem is a closed OS has made Microsoft the top dog in OS dept