Google Earth Marine Tour: Explore Underwater and Coral Reefs

By Peter Chubb - Mar 9, 2010

You can always count on Google to offer us something to waste hours of our spare time staring at some great images on Google Earth. There is never enough time to explore all that you wish to see – be it Street View, Space or some of its other features. There is now a new feature – Google Earth Marine Tour.

This new addition to the already superb Google Earth allows you to explore the underwater world, such as our ecosystem and coral reefs. This is a new tour in conjunction with Pew Environment Group, offering you a guide of the natural beauty of these places.

The tour aims to teach us about our shorelines, coral reefs and ecosystem through the huge amount of research that they have done. Isabella Rossellini is the narrator; one feels that it should have been someone like Leonardo Dicaprio.

Google Earth Marine Tour will teach you many things in the hope of you joining the fight to save our wonderful oceans. For more details visit Planet Green.

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