Google and DISH Set-top Box: Android or Chrome OS?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 9, 2010

Google and DISH are working together on a new search feature for its set-top box, there is not much known about the new venture – such as will it run on Android or Chrome OS. WSJ hints that it could be the former – but cannot back it up with evidence.

AppScout picks up on the fact that the news has left us with so many unanswered questions, is it just a search tool to find TV shows and pay-per-view – we do hope that it is much more than that – not sure what that will be though.

TechCrunch pitched the idea of Google featuring on a set-top box way back in 2007 – we wonder how they knew?

It is no secret that the software running a number of these set-top boxes are not that great – Android or Chrome OS will be very welcome by users. Let us hope that there will not be different version of the OS as Google has on their smartphones – it does get confusing.

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  • MPS

    Why not have high end TVs with a WiFi networked Google Chrome OS built in. You could watch TV, watch movies from your media server box, and surf the Internet using a wireless keyboard with a built in track ball, or a screen pointer built into a wand to use the TV like a tablet.