Freescale 7-inch Tablet: Expanded OS Compatibility

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 9, 2010

Back in January we wrote about the lower priced Freescale smartbook! Well it’s still available and at the $200 price with a 7-inch enclosure. However Freescale’s tablet now has an expanded OS compatibility.

Freescale apparently did not have any problems adapting the Linux variant and open source Chromium OS to its ARM architecture prototype device. Freescale claims to be optimizing the user experience and is working on an Android option as well.

At the moment either a keyboard or mouse is required for the demonstration or a resistive torture test for it to operate. However this is said to be just as a concept and we’re sure the final product will be much more impressive. Look below to see the video on this low price tablet, which features a demonstration of HTML5.

Will you buy an Apple iPad or is something much cheaper like the Freescale for you?

Source: Engadget

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  • Xavier

    Freescale tablet ($200) vs Ipad ($499) bucks??? And only the first one supports Flash and it is multi-task! I will buy it!