Final Fantasy XIII: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 – Another screenshot comparison

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2010

Have you picked up Final Fantasy XIII on either the PS3 or Xbox 360 yet? If not, we have yet another screenshot comparison for you to take a look, which may help you decide whether to buy or not.

This one comes from German site VideoGamesZone, who have provided a useful set of shots over on their website. There are 22 of them in total, and you can view them in high resolution by clicking on them – so you can see the exact differences between the two (or lack of, depending on your opinions.)

Screenshots 8, 12 and 17 out of the collection give you a good example at some of the clear differences in textures between the two. Take a look at the one below for example and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • GamerGirl

    I only have an xbox and im buying Final Fantasy 13 and honestly PS3 does look better, But all of my friends keep telling me to get it on the PS3! But i dont have one! Can somebody please tell me if xbox is as lovely as PS3 … im sorry if im complaining 🙁

  • cube

    You people never mention the Ps3 supports DTS audio while the xbox 360 does not.

  • Evan

    I was gonna get it for the xbox 360 but I noticed that the textures are not as sharp. Don't get me wrong both systems are graphically amazing for the game and there is hardly any difference at all but the ps3 does in my opinion look better.

    You must have not looked at the price of a ps3 lately. The ps3 slim is the same price as an elite. Also the ps3 can do alot more then the xbox can. (I don't mean power wise or anything like that. For media and web browsing wise)

    I wish the ps3 had a better system then trophies though. I really think microsoft nailed it with the gamescore and achievements.

    In the end I am a ps3 fanboy but how can anyone who appreciates gaming really say that one is garbage and the other is amazing when both are next gen and have proven to be next gen 🙂

    @Mr $hitbox- Next time you post something at least make it readable. I feel disgusted owning a ps3 just because of that post you made.

    • ZethZapthos

      Now this guy is a real gamer, its a game, but shows hes a fanboy, proud (as i can tell, maybe diffrent in his opinion) and shows the right opinions on consoles, this is a great point to gaming, people should think more like this.

  • Sephiroth

    X-Box 360 version of Final Fantasy is 100% perfect. PS3 is ridiculously expensive and you're paying extra for what?? There's barely any difference in game graffics. X-box wins for me.

    • huhh

      When was the last time you went out and looked at the prices for a PS3?

      If the Xbox 360 version is 100% perfect, then the ps3 version is beyond perfect. Too bad you're a dumbass fanboy.

    • mcccccc

      120 gig PS3 costs the same amount as the 120 gig 360 you dumbass. Did you forget that you can't use the "PS3 costs 3 million dollars" excuse anymore or what? The only thing the 360 had on the PS3 was price even though in the long run a 360 would end up costing more because you would have to pay for 4-5 years worth of live (an extra 250 bucks).

      Nice try though.

    • KrayZ-t

      Sorry, but i have played both versions of ffxiii, and there is nothing about the 360 version that is better than the ps3 version, in fact, square-enix have even incorporated a feature on the bluray disk for ps3 that reduces in game loading times…
      not a single review for the 360 version got as good as the ps3 reviews, and every person i know who owns the game for either console agrees the ps3 version is better both graphically and for its gameplay.
      Multiple disks are another thing that causes a more irritating experience for some 360 users.

      I wont lie, i despise the 360, I feel microsoft spent too much time abusing the consumer rights of gamers, and not only this, have tried to kill off pc gaming aswell, gears of war 1 was realsed for pc, gears of war 2, was refused by microsoft…

      I waited for years, to be able to get a ps3, because theres too much cost and stress involved in the world of 360 gaming.
      However, many games do look better on the 360, due to a restricted 720p release for ps3, and full 1080p for 360.
      But given these restrictions on many games by sony, I cant agree that the games would have looked better had sony released them in 1080p aswell as their 360 counterparts.

      The fight between the 360 and ps3 is a long and ridiculous venture to destroy each other, and gamers are falling apart from each other, instead of sharing our love for the games we play as we used to!!

      I hate the 360, but isnt it about time that 360 gamers, ps3 gamers, and pc gameers all got to enjoy their games together?

      • Spagett

        "not a single review for the 360 version got as good as the ps3 reviews, and every person i know who owns the game for either console agrees the ps3 version is better both graphically and for its gameplay."

        that's not even true at all. all of the reviews i've seen of the 360 version are the same as the ps3 version. ALSO you say the ps3 version has better gameplay? do you not understand they are just the same games only the 360 version has slightly lower res textures? what a fucking retard.

  • lol ^^^ wtf is that idiot going on about :s n64 you mean wii.. wow the controller can be used on the ps3 simple lol and seems i pay bills a car and broudband i really dont see why i should pay for a subscription… not to mention the poor entertainment fuction the 360 has the one game that i liked playing on my 360 was GOW and that took its toll. had 10 months left on my 360 but after i got my ps3 never looked back i take it 360 ppl didnt get a special membership card or ff14 on the shitbox (if you dunno what i mean look it up). lol i sound like i hate the 360… but i dont it has many functions i enjoy msn, pad…and… errm oh has usb ports. i know im going to have endless 360 fan boys crying out about there shit box but i garantee each one have or will buy a ps3 i got slated by all my mates when i said i prefered the ps3 and now they all start getting one.. oh before processing power ect starts ploping up from no were .. were in a new genration so new hardware better discs meaning we should see better graphics and gamplay hense blueray ect the reason some games end up on the shitbox and never ps3 is for the simple fact games companys are lazy and dont like to push hard so they go for a simple machine that has no reason to learn anything new.. im very pleased that Squar enix didnt end up being lazy and scaled down for the poor xbox but on the other side of things i wished they made ff13 alot better instead of mission based gets boring after a while … but ive always been a FF fan and already got my added secret item for FF14 and waiting to hear from the beta 😀 ps3 only and maybe PC but no xbox gay love…hopfully this will actually give us a great game seems its skiped the whole DVD disk lol

    • Playstation 3 Owner

      Wow dude you need to get a life, nobody cares about your insignificant existence so you come on the internet spouting off a load of barely readable crap trying to start a flame war. Who cares about you getting this and that for FF XIV? I know I sure don't. People like you are the reason I don't like online gaming and wont be playing FF XIV. How can you talk about fanboys when you are the biggest example of a fanboy I've seen in a long time.

    • Gamerguy

      Please learn some english and punctuation. Your post is pretty incoherent.

      BTW his comparison of PS3 and N64 was legit. Obviously you didn't get the point.

      Then you go on about 360 Fanboyism and have your website listed as "". It's blatantly obvious who the fanboy is here.

      I own both systems, and will probably buy it on 360 just because I prefer Achievements over Trophies.

      Why compare this game anyways? It's the same game on both systems. It's the same story with other games on both systems. Sometimes it looks better on 360, sometimes it looks better on PS3.

      Stop choosing sides and embrace everything that is gaming.

      • huhh

        Never looks better on Xbox 360…

        Every element looks better on PS3, mostly because it's not compressed like on the Xbox 360. It's obvious, and it you can't accept that, you're a Fan boy also.

        • Gamerguy

          You obviously didn't understand my post, so let me reiterate for you.

          SOME GAMES LOOK BETTER ON THE PS3, SOME LOOK BETTER ON THE XBOX360. How does that make me a fanboy? I'm being realistic here. Go to Gamespot and look at the past 2-3 years of side by side comparisons of games.

          I hope you understood that.

        • huhh

          No, you said "Why compare this game anyways? It's the same game on both systems. It's the same story with other games on both systems. Sometimes it looks better on 360, sometimes it looks better on PS3." Which it doesn't.

        • VIZGIX

          "crying like a bitch"
          all right Im the one telling you how it is.

          for FFXIII, if you have both systems and are big on 'quality', get the ps3 ver.. sad but true fact is that the game was designed for blue-ray + Ps3 It looks better graphically. and the 360 game spans three whole disks >_<….

          If you only have a 360, then don't sweat it. the differences overall are pretty insignificant….I've only got a 360, and it plays great, I don't mind at all

          as far as quality on systems in general goes….the ps3 itself as a system is defiantly more powerful/ graphically advanced than the 360. —despite this fact many mufti-platformed gamed look and play much better on the 360 (like cod mw 2) … games are ment to be played…. if it looks pretty but plays badly….its still a bad game…..conversely, many crappy looking games have been bestsellers.

          hell man, a sleeper car can fucking outrace a ford GT….raw specs alone don't matter…there are way too many other factors out there too consider.. take it from the people who have done the research… different multi-platform games outperform there counterparts differently depending on the situation……but you need to know when that performance difference matters

          in rpgs …. the game its all about the story, game play not so much, but w/ graphical emphasis during cut scenes.

          with online shooters like mw2 and halo, only 1 thing matters: smooth, tight gameplay (and online play)

          read the side by side comparison articles, those guys really do their research. peace out, and enjoy the game.


        • FF13-360

          ok look. The differences aren’t even noticeable… really now. I mean i would rather get achievements over trophies any day and honestly your just trying to support the ps3 by talking down on the 360. Who sold the most over the past 5 years its been out? The 360… Who was preferred the most… the 360. So just get over it. I have both and it isn’t worth the fight

  • Designated Dave

    Yeah. I have both systems. I prefer the 360 controller & Achievements (since I owned a 360 about 2 years before I bought my PS3). Graphics wise? Come on people. It’s pick & choose. We’re talking the differences between two current-gen systems. Now if we wanna have a choice on between PS3 & N64, obviously the PS3 wins. But the differences are negligible.

    • huhh

      No big difference. If it was the other way around, you would be saying different…

    • SnowCovered

      I gotta say…I bought it for the XBXO…and it was so much poorer quality that I went out and bought a PS3 and the game. Its a BIG difference, esp. when the game relys heavily on presentation. I LOVE my XBOX, but this game was optimized for Blu-Ray, and you can’t get the same quality on DVD9.

  • LOW

    Talk about beating a dead horse.