Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Do you want a release on Mac?

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2010

Heres some exciting news for Mac owners now, as we are hearing numerous reports that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 may come to Mac computers – following Valve’s recent Steam for Mac confirmation.

As reported from VG247, it looks as if DICE are warming to the possibility of this happening, as BF producer Karl Magnus Troedsson had this to say in a recent interview:

“We’re currently investigating the possibility of making BFBC2 available on Mac.”

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released onto consoles and PC last week, and although the game has suffered from numerous server connection issues – gameplay is fantastic.

Let us know your thoughts on a Mac release for Bad Company, by voting in our poll below.

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  • Yoon

    It will be a native app, just like L4D/2 will be. Otherwise I would have to say GTFO!


    only if it is a native app not a cider one