Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 – Robin will be in the game (PS3 and Xbox 360)

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2010

Some exciting news for fans looking to pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 now, as we have a juicy little bit of info to share with you, which seemingly confirms that Robin will be featured in the sequel. Nice!

As reported from VG247, the game’s listing over at the IMDB website shows Robin will be voice-casted by none other than Vincent Martella. Fans of Final Fantasy XIII (released today) will instantly recognise that name, as he voices Hope in the game.

You’ll also be pleased to know other voices from the first game will be returning, like Mark Hamill as The Joker, and Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn.

Let us know your thoughts on this. How would you like to see Robin integrated into Arkham Asylum 2? Give us your ideas.

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  • guest

    right…..considerin the time periods,or whatever,they've already picked oracle over batgirl,i'd prefer the futeristic(mutch cooler) robin,nightwing….i read bout this game in game informer & saw he might appear in co'op mode but,wuz only mentioned briefly cuz CATWOMEN wuz also a likely choice,who had her own reasons 4 enterin the asylum but iz caught by 2-face…i figured maybe night-wing here's bout hugo stranges new job in arkham n goes in 2 learn srange n jokers true intentions…oracle(again)/alfred can guide batman in their 2 save the anti hero cat,while nightwing will run into him on his own mission….

  • joker

    they puted robin in arkham asylum 2 because batman is going to have a rough nite


    it would be soooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooool for robin to be in and you can switch costumes like da new and the old costumes when u begin da game.dats a good idea for it to be co-op mode and if you dont have a partner 2 play da game wiyh then you choose which with what ever character u want 2 use.SO ROBIN SHOULD BE IN DA GAME.

  • Rudy

    lets hope it gots lots of double team moves

  • Rudy

    as long if its co-op mode in story line if not then who needs robin batman could save the day by himself.also if both batman and robin have the old school costums as well as the new ones you could choose at the save points.let it be a good one kinda like god of war type lots of fighting and puzzels to be solving with lots of bosses to fight.

  • roderick

    i really think that robin should be in batman arkham asylum 2 so it can have a little more taste and they should have a co-op mode that way it would be batman and robin again.

  • b-man 456

    yo robin is gangster.they needed that extra person.i cant wait. when is it coming out?

  • darth play

    if you put more then one caracter in the game, the you should put in a co-op mode or the same in the campain.

  • lewis

    robin will be a great add because that way you could do co-op campain

  • kris

    Robin was always my favorite character in the Batman series. I especially liked the Batman Forever movie, it's one of my all time favorite movies. I don't know why people are hating on that movie, Robin wasn't a winey 14yr old in that movie he was an older teenage with both a motorcycle license and a regular license. Definitely better in my opinion than those bullshit series that portray Robin as a girl(just about as bad as Peter Pan being a girl or sounding like one), gag. I thought that in BF, Robin's costume was so much more sinister looking or at least more bad ass looking. At least it wasn't bright red and yellow, it actually looked like something a guy would wear. Dick Grayson is my mine the one and only true Robin. Tim, was like I dunno, a wimp compared to Dick.
    Anyway, I think Robin would be so bad ass in this game as long as if there is a co-op there would HAVE to be split screen, having both characters with the same view point in a 3D game would really suck. I hope they put Richard(Dick) Grayson as the Robin in this game, or at least the Robin from BatmanForever. It would totally ruin the game if they put Robin in with a bright and colorful costume, the Batman Forever costume would fit so much better, although it would be cool to be able to play Robin as Nightwing like as an unlockable character XD. The main reason I think Robin would be really kick ass is that one Robin is like a hundred times more agile than Batman, also it would increase the number of times the game could be replayed. Examples, scenario A: Storyline based entirely on Batman, scenario B: Storyline based entirely on Robin(REALLY BAD SCENARIO: switching back and forth between characters like some levels with Robin and some with Batman would be terrible because Batman only fans would be pissed and would hurt sales), scenario C: Storyline with intertwined stories where either Robin can be played more or Batman can be played more(This can be a deal breaker if done poorly), scenario D: Co-Op where both characters can be played simultaneously(This would be fun but could dilute the storyline). Basically 4 games for the price of one, if they do it that way as well as the fact that this could possibly be a huge seller. I myself enjoyed the old Batman Forever Genesis game, where you could play co-op as Batman and Robin but the bad part was the fact that if one player has less game experience then the game can REALLY drag on. In my opinion, Robin has to be more agile than Batman in this game, otherwise it would be like just playing as a different version of Batman. Robin would also have to have very different combos and attacks then Batman, also Robin having his staff would be really cool. Another cool idea would be like a versus unlockable mode; where you could choose either arcade 2D style or next gen 3D style; a storyline for player versus CPU similar to Super Smash Brothers would be cool but could be asking for too much. I do think DC characters in the Super Smash Brothers would be VERY cool(I.E. Superman, Batman, Robin(Alternate costume could be Nightwing), The Flash, Green Lantern(Alternate costume could be one or more of the other Lantern colors), Green Arrow(Alternate costume could be Red Arrow), and many more would totally be awesome.

  • Blah Blah Waffles

    I think Robin will be overkill. Having Oracle in the first was a nice touch to have it be more than batman but keep it under control. If Robin comes in, I want him captured and tested on… maybe have him take Oracles place for a while until Joker finds the batcave and takes Robin and turns him into a little joker. (Anyone else think that the flashback in batman beyond: Return of the Joker would be a nice story line for him?)

  • Jb

    I think robin will be a great add aslong as it’s not the one from the 90s movies. But the Tim Drake Robin from the new batman adventures would be awesome he’s my favorite character besides the bat himself.. And it adds a unique new multiplayer feel. i think the bat could use some help
    so he doesn’t have to do this alone.

  • guest

    robin will ruin the game. batman for me has to be solo

  • dick grayson

    as long as he turns to nightwing

  • as long as he turns to nighwing

  • gaz

    no one likes robin. and I'm an avid bat-fan since a kid I hated it in batman forever and b&r. the first game was too good cus they didn't go over board. it was kinda believable but if they added robin, it's just not gonna be good.

  • Bruce Wayne

    robin sounds pretty coool but I wanna see some gameplay!! D: and yes I kno it’s early for that thank u, but I r the excited 🙂

  • Mark Sibo

    nothing wrong with robin .. i know its all about batman but robin will be an amazing add to the game 🙂

  • anonymous

    Robin? Oh God, no…