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Zenonia (RPG): Coming to Android this Month

Back in May 2009 Gamevil’s Zenonia was launched at the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch, we are now hearing that the game will soon be launching for Android.

Zenonia’s marketing director seems very happy to launch the game on Android, it is thought the decision was made to launch Zenonia on Android following the success of Baseball Superstars.

All in all Zenonia for iPhone has been pretty well received, as of January 29th 2010 version 1.3 of the game had received a 4 star rating from 2,297 ratings, therefore an Android version of the game should prove to be pretty popular to.

No definite release date is currently known, however it should arrive sometime during this month for around $2.99, as we hear of a definite release date we will keep you posted.

Source: IntoMobile



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