Verizon’s LTE Network: 50Mbps Downloads for iPhone 4G Anyone?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2010

If you have been frustrated with the lack of a Verizon iPhone you may not want to continue reading this article, impressive details regarding Verizon’s LTE network have recently been posted on IntoMobile.

During testing the network has recently delivered download speeds of 40 to 50Mbps, along with 20 to 25Mbps upload speeds, however it is thought that in the ‘real-world’ users should expect consistent speeds much lower than this.

In the real-world Verizon believe that users should expect consistent download speeds of between around 5 to 12Mbps, along with upload speeds of around 2 to 5Mbps, despite these being much lower than the optimum speeds they are still impressive.

Verizon believe that when their LTE has finally been rolled out they will become the global leader in 4G LTE deployment, they also believe that before the year is out their 4G LTE should be utilized by over 100 million users.

These figures will no doubt increase the huge craving for a Verizon iPhone, and I must say that an iPhone with 12Mbps download speeds does sound pretty desirable.

Source: IntoMobile

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