Palm Elan: Possible New webOS-based Handset On The Way?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2010

It appears as if we could soon see the launch of a new Palm handset, details are scarce at the moment however it is thought that it may be called the Palm Elan and it will run Palm’s webOS.

It is unclear as to whether or not the Palm Elan is just another name for the Palm Pixi, however if it is a new handset we should expect it to be a high-end all-touchscreen smartphone which will launch on AT&T.

So far Palm’s webOS based handsets have been the Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, therefore I feel that to stay competitive in today’s smartphone market a new release is needed.

As we hear information which confirms/refutes these rumors we will keep you informed, for more details check out IntoMobile.

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  • Joe

    You clearly did not research at all. Not only has this been identified as the Pixi but there is no such thing as an AT&T phone that is CDMA since AT&T is GSM.