New iPad and iPhone: No Tethering says Steve Jobs

By Peter Chubb - Mar 8, 2010

We know that there will be two versions of the Apple iPad, the one with Wi-Fi and the other with Wi-Fi and 3G. For those who do not want to pay the extra for 3G – they had hoped to use tethering as an option – Steve Jobs has since dismissed this feature. So you will not be able to tether the iPad to the iPhone, not even the upcoming 4G version.

ITProPortal learned from Apple Insider that an Apple user in Sweden had emailed Jobs about the possibility of tethering the iPad to the iPhone – the returned email denied the possibility of tethering. This is certainly bad news for those who did not want to pay the extra for the 3G version of the tablet – seems like Apple have forced more people into the more expensive version.

Apple have never been fans of tethering – just think back to 2008 when a
Tethering application was remove from the App Store. Both Apple and AT&T have always been silent about this feature, and for good reason – money.

Are you disappointed that the iPad will not be able to tether to the iPhone?

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  • Korey

    I can’t believe I have just paid out $2,000-00 AUD in Apple Iphone 3GS and new iPad 64gb with only wi-fi and I can’t tether it to my iPhone!

    I think a class action lawsuit against Apple for the lack of this feature and the lack of the use of Flash amongst other things.

    It has worked before with other multi-nationals as it’s against competition and actually against the law as far as I know in Australia.

    Stay tuned, I might even create a Facebook page and see what the reaction in Australia is and get a class action started here to show Apple consumers are not stupid and as a collective can do ‘great things’

  • Benjamin

    This is amusing to me considering during Google's announcement of the 2.2 froyo android operating system that they are supporting wifi, and even used an ipad to demonstrate it.

  • Harry

    Jailbreak, bi**hes, it's what I do and I use iPad on 3G network tethered to iPhone. And it is my internet connection at home. I have OS 3.1.2 and am so paranoid about accidentally updating to 3.1.3.

  • Joel

    Very disappointing. I understand the desire of AT&T to protect high end data plans. Non-iPhone data plans cost less. However, for those of us already paying the expensive iPhone data plan, the iPad generate similar traffic.

  • Rick

    Taking away tethering from iPAD simply announcing the death of it. I am going to return my pre-ordered iPAD now. Apple made good and bad decision before and I think here comes a bad one again!

    Think about it this way. I have an iPhone with an unlimited 3G access plan. I like the iPAD bigger screen which could enhance my web application usage. But I am not going to subscribe another 3G package because I will not be using iPhone and IPAD to access the 3G network at the same time! Why would I have to pay for per device access? I think this is a great opportunity for other mobile device makers to win their market share from Apple by greatly promoting interoperabiliy in terms of web access sharing. Perhaps Steve Jobs has loaded up too much ATT or Verizon stocks.