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Microsoft’s Verizon Phone vs. iPhone 4G: Will it compete?

If you were previously unaware that Microsoft are planning to launch a number of smartphones on Verizon Wireless, then maybe this article we have found will change your mind.

It has been reported from the EpochTimes, that Microsoft are planning to release as many as TWO smartphones on Verizon by the end of year – thought to be related to the unannounced ”Project Pink” initiative between the two heavyweights.

What effect will this have on the upcoming iPhone 4G though? That is also thought to be coming this Summer, so could we possibly have a intense battle on our hands, between Microsoft’s smartphone release on Verizon and Apple’s iPhone 4G on AT&T?

It certainly looks that way to us. Let us know your thoughts on this. You can read more information regarding the handsets in the link above.



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