Intel Core i7-920 processor: Fake chips spotted at NewEgg – Intel investigating

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2010

Heres a heads-up to all of you planning to pick a Intel Core i7 Chipset now, as there have been confirmed reports of fake sets, which are currently in circulation amongst retailers in the US.

As reported from PC World, Intel are aware of this issue and have stated that they are investigating how the counterfeit chipsets first surfaced.

One confirmed retailer that ‘unwillingly’ sold a fake Core i7-920 chipset is NewEgg – one of the most popular sources for picking up computer hardware.

Instead of a genuine Core i7-920 set, the user received a ‘fake processor and a plastic mold of a heat sink and fan’. On top of that, the instruction manual was made up of ‘blank pages’ entirely.

If you are thinking of getting one soon, you better check what is inside the box – or better still, avoid online sales until this problem is sorted.

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