God Of War III: PS3 Review Round-up

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2010

So this is it. The reviews for PS3 exclusive God Of War III are in, and we have a round-up of the best ones to give you. As expected, reviews for the game are pretty high, with no noticable surprising ones.

As reported from VG247, all the reviews are in from the likes of Eurogamer, G4, 1UP, IGN and GameSpot. It is worth giving a mention to GamesRadar’s review too, as they have scored the game a 10/10.

It is also interesting to point out that IGN’s review was actually a 9.3 – and not the 10/10 score that was incorrectly leaked last week.

So if you have the game on pre-order, it is looking likely that you’ll be very satisfied with your purchase. I played the demo last year and that pretty much made up my mind there and then anyway!

What are your thoughts on the review scores? We’ll link to a few below, head to VG247 for the full-roundup.

Eurogamer (9)
G4 (5/5)
1UP (A)
IGN (9.3)
GameSpot (9)
GamesRadar (10)

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