Fallout: New Vegas, First Screens Appear

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2010

Are you looking forward to the release of Fallout: New Vegas? If so you may be glad to hear that the first-ever screens of the game have recently been posted on JoyStiq.

There are 15 screens posted on JoyStiq, the three most impressive have been embedded at the end of this post, however if you want to see them all check out this link.

The screens are pretty impressive and show that Bethesda have stuck to the ‘winning formula’ which resulted in Fallout 3 winning very formidable awards such as becoming IGN’s ‘Game of the Year 2008’ and at the Golden JoyStick it won the ‘Ultimate Game of the Year 2009’ and the ‘PC Game of the Year 2009’.

If you check out our previous post you can see a teaser trailer, release details are still unknown, however we do know that it should be available sometime in the fall this year.

Do you like the look of these screens?

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  • Darren

    looks great. cant wait to play it.