Chip Foose John Deere 4020 vs 620 Orchard Tractor

By Peter Chubb - Mar 8, 2010

When it comes to hot rods one of the best in the business is Chip Foose – but we have to wonder why he has turned his attention to tractors. The legendary pro rodder has designed the John Deere 4020, but this is not the first kickass tractor – the 620 Orchard is proof of that.

Autoblog tells us that why would we want to employ the services of Foose, when we can bypass all that expense for the John Deere 620 orchard model? The website has a poll running asking which one would you rather choose.

Both certainly look awesome, but it is the Orchard that looks to be the most practical. The wheels are much larger – so will operate much better on farmland. For those who do not know tractors very well you will be forgiven for thinking that all that extra bodywork is to make the 620 Orchard go faster, it is designed for work on an orchard.

Let us know which tractor you voted for.

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