Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VS Modern Warfare 2: Which is the better game overall?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2010

Ok, lets put the recent server issues surrounding Battlefield: Bad Company 2 aside shall we? It has been almost a week since the game was released in the US. How are you finding it, from a gameplay point of view?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 (see what we did there), the benchmark has now been set for all other developers releasing a first person shooter game.

Many had predicted that Bad Company 2 would be the game that could challenge Modern Warfare 2, in the best console shooter stakes, so what game do you think is better?

While both games offer a deep and compelling single player campaign, the stand-off will really take place in the multiplayer department. Maybe it is hard for a lot of you to see past the server issues with Battlefield, but personally speaking – I think Bad Company 2 is the better game overall.

Do you agree or disagree with me? We have created a poll below, for you to voice your opinion on this. Give us your feedback afterwards. Be nice now!

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  • Ros_alexander

    hax:P said 2,099 bf2 mw2 851 said 2,951 voters please explain

  • Guest

    mw2 more idiots bought that game bc2 still owns it in this poll what does that say? pretty much that mw2 is just a shitstorm of kids with no skill or taste in games a good thing tho dont want them in my battlefield

  • John Andrew

    Modern Warfare is Poker.
    Battlefield is Chess.
    Both are great games.

  • Odi

    It's funny that so many people think MW2 takes skill. Have you noticed how crazy the aim assist in that game is, the overpowered explosives, unbalanced weapons and the tiny camper friendly maps. There is a reason 12 year olds prefer Call of Duties, they require such little skill.

  • cpt.mw2

    definetly mw2 beacause u get better guns and attachments

  • daniel

    and plus with mw2 you get blood on the screen and you can hardly see worth shit and the before you know it your shot and killed yes bc2 has blood on the screen to but at least it does not cover the entire screen where you cannot shoot and i mean come mw2 better than bc2 give me a break in mw2 you are just one with a gun you do not go in the war by yourself you fucking mw2 lovers can shove that crappy game up your ass and yall say mw2 is better by saying the sell rates are higher that don't mean shit bc2 is a hell lot better than mw2 with that said i cannot wait for bc2 vietnam to come out and eran are you fucking serious its for people with skills dude you are one delusional fuck

  • Kevin

    Mw2 is for those who suck at fps. Yea like everyone else who played bc2 i've owned mw2 right when it first came out. It was good at first but then got incredably boring. And I'm not saying that because I started sucking, it's because I was good from the begining but just got bored of how repetative the game was and how little skill it took. yea it takes a certain about of skill to run around shooting with precision. I was very good at that, but eventually I realized that it was all the same shit over and over again. Mw1 I always loved. yea i got bored of it from time to time but still came back. It was a classic. But mw2 is pretty much the same run and gun tactic as the first, just with more of these bullshit kill streaks and and lame ass guns. the first ones had much better guns and the sound quality was excellent. not this one. And for those fanboys don't say that i sucked. I managed to get the tactical nuke 4 time's in the first month without cheating or doing that boosting shit. I'm just stating that mw2 became old news to me very quickly. Now on the other hand bc2 made me shit my pants. The campaign was very good. I thought it was better cuz it wasn't as fucking dramatic as mw2. and mw2 ended just like the first one where your on the brink of death and you only have one chance to kill the enemy. GAY! Bc2 reminded me more of something that would be in the movies. Combining the hilarity of Tropic Thunder mixed with the seriousness of Full Metal Jacket. It was good to me. But the campaign of these games are just short stories in the game to explain what the ultimate point of the game is. Basically I'm here to say that bc2 is a much more sophisticated shooter with planned assaults, coordinated defenses, shit blowing up left and right, buildings being toppled, vehicles at ur disposal, and gigantic maps with beautiful scenery and environments for all this crazy shit to go down. So think what you want about both. Those who prefer playing 5 minute battles to see who can run around more frantically and get to the score limit faster, please keep playing ur shitty game i don't wanna run into you fags in game. But as for me I'll be playing a real shooter with people who actually know how to play, think, and strategize.

  • alexamerling20

    Bad Company 2 is a thousand times better than the unrealistic piece of shit that is modern shitfare 2…come on, commando perk? Extends your melee length? How in the world is that realistic? The deaths I get in bad company 2 are way less annoying because the players who kill me earned their kill and not relied on a dumbfuck perk like commando…Honest to god, when I get knifed, their knifes go through my character's' body….Not to mention, the weapon selection in BC2 is way better….BC2 is the better game period and its an insult to battlefield to compare any of its games to that pos mw2

  • Fainting Hope

    So i must say that as a person who played modern warfare 2 that it is my oppinion that Battlefield Bad Company 2 is better. I'll elaborate on why.

    -MW2 features a campaign across many enviroments, sometimes giving you different weapons than you had in the last mission as the same guy. If you wanted your weapons back, you would have to play through the level in the HOPE that you find them. There are a few vehicles spread around thinly that you can use, not many of them any good. There is good enemy resistance on veteran mode.
    -BC2 features a campaign across many different enviroments as well. A key difference is that in each level are multiple supply crates, that allow you to choose your preferred load out for the map. There are also a small amount of vehicles spread a little too thin and none of which really accurately show something amazing. But a nice feature to the levels is that they are big, and with a little explosive, you have yourself a new way to move throughout the level. that would have been really nice in Favela on MW2.

    -MW2 consists of several gametypes on maps that are sometimes too restricting in movement, or just too big for their own good. I ALSO have noticed that if your a sniper, your gonna be in the dirt prone, or you better learn to quickscope(ridiculously stupid by the way) because there is hardly any good positions for snipers. Maybe a few windows but thats it. And then there are the killstreaks. Most are nice and in the right hands, are very effective. Lastly, the hackers, the campers. Wondering why I left out noob tubers and knifers? Because that is their style. If your tired of dying to it, readjust your class to combat it. "I cant" you say? then YOU are the noob. That is why there are so many class slots.
    -BC2 features a few different game styles on some VERY impressive maps that are constantly being added to and modified for other game styles. Did i mention the maps are entirely destructible? Thats right. Noobs trying to camp? Blow the walls. Force them to become a skilled player. No buildings and you need cover? Enjoy the convenient man-size foliage that will effectively match your camo. There is also a vast array of vehicles that you and your team of up to 12 can utilize to bring the pain. Tanks, helicopters, boats, UAV, humvees, mounted TOW cannons, heavy MG, Mounted gatling guns, Mounted grenade launchers. All of which will be different in different people's hands based on skill and unlocked abilities. Finally, a very nice added variant. Gravity. Trying to snipe someone at a distance? Gotta aim above their head for realistic bullet drop.

    -MW2 is mainly set as you are a one man army. Made add by the fact that you have a team of all one man army soldiers. No real teamwork available.
    -BC2 features different squads on each team. These squads can spawn on each other, and the classes are set up to where they can engage in teamwork with one another. Dont get me wrong, you can still be a one man army soldier. But you WILL lose.

    I recommend to you that if you play MW2, to play BC2 for a week, then decide. Same goes for the BC2 players. If they arent like me of course where you played MW2 until you were tired of wall hackers, killstreak hackers, and aim bots. Long live BC2, hacker free.

    Before any of you say something to the effect of " Oh man you dont play MW2, game takes skill" just shut up. I really could care less about a statement like that. And to make you feel better about your short mindedness and prove that i in fact, have played MW2, I am 2nd prestige, rank 30, with a score of 1079110, 492 wins, 727 losses, 4 ties, win streak of 13, 11726 kills, 13142 deaths, a max kill streak of 26, 1 nuke called in, play time of 5d 23h 57m, and lasty 22.87% accuracy. This game does not take that much skill. Just ask the noob tubers and knifers. Long live them.

  • TheMW2Dude

    All the people who voted for BC2 just suck at Mw2. Mw2 takes skill not jst jumping in a fcking tank and shooting


    BATTLE FIELD is the BEst GaME MONEY Can buy

  • ninjakins

    Started to notice the textures of MW2 are quite low, you can see the pixels whenever you take cover. The guns don't seem to have any weight, more like shooting a bb gun. your team is winning all match to get nuked cos 1 players been protected or an ac130 and no cover. ninja perk was broke, some plants have the resilience of lead, knifes give the ability to cover 6 feet in a millisecond. in short, it's worse than the first MW, if only there were another run and gun fps that was fun for the ps3, good thing we've got black ops on the way! lol, just kidding

  • mrdick

    My friend is a huge fan over bc2, i in the other hand love cod6, but after playing both games over plenty of times i think out of 10, bc2= 7/10, mw2=8/10, now that is just my opinion. 🙂

  • The Truth

    When people ask me which game is better MW2 or BC2 i look at the stats and see BC2=67% and MW2=33%
    bummer dude if you play MD2 and dont have BC2!

  • BC2>MW2

    the heat in MW2 is like a freezer now. i like action that gets my blood pumping so im going with BC2

  • Michael

    mw2 all the way.. better campaign, better graphic, better overall singleplayer, more realistic than bad company 2.. bad company 2 however is still good because of the multiplayer and the destruction of all building but overall as a game modern warfare 2 still wins and that its still and will be the king for many years to come for FPS game

    • larios55

      mor realistic… man what planet are you on. cuz to my knowledge people dont run around in bagdahd charging US soldiers with little knives…..AND ACTUALLY WIN when the US soldier has $6000 military grade rifle and 25lbs of body armor. and there is no bullet drop in mw2. and what army gives a grunt a $15000 heart rate sensor. yeah thats real realistic.

      • larios55

        o yeah and i forgot…. we dont drop nukes on people either. and especially when your men are still in the battleground. honestly id like to hear why you think mw2 is more realistic

    • bbc2 player

      Any one that thinks mw2 is better than bc2 is a fucking retard!!!!
      p.s play bc2 and you will see…..

  • Eran

    Lol…if u cant handle the heat dont play MW2……its for people with Skills….

    • Yoon

      Not really, what is so hard about flining a grenade across the map to get a TON of multi-kills without even trying?

    • NaH

      thats a 25-30% real thing yeah it is for SKILLED people BUT!!!!!!!! Run with a Gun is stuipid a granad elands 10 miles away from you and u die. and a javalin would tear the whole of the mape – RUST – down and it doesnt! an ac-130 gunship would rape people in buildings but.. dosent happen there are only anti aircraft weapons in rockets the stinger is GAY its like 10 m long so u can do shit or u get seen

      Mw2 is good im not saying its shit but i like bfbc2

      my bro is the biggest CoD fan he played battlefield and found out about the buildings blowing up and gravity he said to me

      ohh i love this game! its sick!

      MW2 is for skilled and n00b players

      u cant caamp in bfbc2 YAY!!!

    • NaH

      heart beat sensors on snipers???? COMON!!!! if the game was for skilled players thered be no

      heartbeat sensors, camping, noobtubers, and stuipid people who rund around knifing people cause there g@y and want to touch men.

      AND another thing in BATTLEFIELD if someone is being shot at by a sniper the soldier screams SH!IT SNIPER!! and other things in mw2 they dont even speak only for some things eg- granade, airstrike, ac-130, and other killstreaks

      in battle field they speak like its a conversation

      target down, granade, hey there i see him! in the building

      soz for grammar

      but i personely think BattleField Bad Company 2

      is better

  • F***Fanboys

    Personally I like them both, It depends what mood I happen to be in at the time. Arcade action ala MW2, or realistic warfare ala BC2.

    • Yoon

      Realistic that you *SOMEHOW* manage to get a parachute when you jump off a building?

      • Guest

        or fall 20 meters and dont take damage there games ffs and if you add it all up bf is more realistic but its not like it matters

  • lucas

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 is so much better than COD MW2. I hate campers in modern warfare. I cant leave a spawning zone without dying. In BC2 u can even drive vehicles. Think about it, u and a infantry squad are pinned down. ur playing online on the 360 with a headset and ask ur buddy for air support. hey u are all clear. i also hate call of duty modern warfare 2 because its a run and gun game which makes online terrible. i love strategy and thats why BC2 FTW

  • craig

    he is a moron..let them play MW2…my thoughts are this…MW2 are welcome to keep all the campers, boosters, and hackers who protect this games image like it is family. Most people who are playing Bad company came from COD so its not like we dont know what is better haha. all you campers can keep your MW2, we dont want you on Bad company anyhow, its hack free, and we would appreciate it staying that way

    • Yoon

      HAHA! Nice one. NOW GO AN PLAY MW2! You're just a non-believer.

    • kYLE

      FUK U ND UR FAMILY SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Pat

    Modern warfare 2 is better bad company 2 is a copy cat and a cheat people say it better but look at the ratings in mw2 it is one of the best games ever created bad company 2 ill give it 1 ta 2 months till peope, hate it. Its like Cod5 people only liked Nazi Zombies. Bad company 2 people only like the multi.

    • Alex Sachter

      Hey genius! read my comment above before you refute in general, I have posted some strong points. Dare you to counter those points.

      Dr. Insight

    • Rasmus

      Oops… 6 months went past and People are still playing bfbc2 like crazy.

      And by the way, bf is and always was meant

      To be played online. Single player, which is great, is just a bonus

    • Guest

      lol the first thing i thought when i played cod1 WTF? this is just medal of honor…. and btw battlefield is a hell of alot older than cod and cod uses so many ideas from other games im surprised idiots like you dont realize btw i still play this game and wont stop till bf3

  • Sweet Mysery

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 FTW!!!!

  • MW2

    People who downgrade mw2 are just crap at it and cant take the pressure and handle a real war

    • yomomma

      Haha real war, where the knives are stronger than a .50 BMG.

      • Yoon

        Coming from a person with Yomomma as a name.But I agree with you, it's BS. In real life, a .50 cal Barrett can shred through a humvee…

      • alexamerling20

        hahahahahahahaha yeah, I got knifed through a concrete wall…

    • Yomo24

      a game without destruction aint a real war game, bc2 is the real war game while MW2 is just another shooter game.

  • ABD


  • Mike

    first off let me the first guy to say i have played both modern warfare 2 (rented) and battlefield bad company 2 (day one purchase)

    Because Modern warfare 2 doesn't have full scale map destruction or VEHICLES in a WAR GAME, Bad company 2 owns the hell out of it.

    When i played mw2 it felt like i was playing an old ps2 game with the 360 graphics,

    by old ps2 game i mean those with very little destruction.
    I literally ran around mw2 run n gun isnt what a war game SHOULD be.

    Battlefield.. you won't hide for long, go in a two story wooden house, someone busts in the lower floor firing a machine gun into the roof killing you.

    Hide in a Brick tower, someone blasts it with an rpg and walls crumble in front of you

    But more importantly battlefield feels MORE like a war game, because it has destruction, vehicular warfare and of course you actually BENEFIT from having a good team.

    Where as in MW2 (played it long enough to know there ISNT any driveable vehicles in MP)
    MW2 you can run around like your the ultimate one man soldier.

    Thats something a war game should NEVER be. Modern Warfare? LOL more like Moderatly Not there.

    • Yoon

      Modern Warfare 2 and BF:BC2 are COMPLETELY different to each other.

      I shall explain:
      Moder Warfare 2 is more of a Rush-and-blast-the-crap-out-of-noobs, thanks to it's small maps (although Derail is quite big), As where BF:BC2 is more of a move-to-a-spot-that-I-get-kills-with-and-then-camp.

      Modern Warfare 2 with Destruction 2.0 + Vehicles = BAD IDEA. MW2 is already broken with it's OMA+DS+Noob-tube (Don't know the abbreviations? Then you haven't played MW2). But the graphics are far superior to BF:BC2's.

      BC2's feature of Destruction 2.0 and Vehicles compensates for it's REALLY annoying campers, and it's not-so-flashy graphics.

      In conclusion, Modern Warfare 2 has more addiction factor. As where you just rage quit in BC2 and never play it again. (Not saying I don't rage-quit in MW2).

      • Guest

        lol @ idiots who somehow think modern warfail 2 has better graphics than battlefield do you play on a black and white 12 inch tv? oh that would explain alot

    • alexamerling20

      Amen brother!

  • Jay

    Oh and not to mention how hard it is to bring down an air vehicle in cod, where as in battlefield there is a tracer dart as well.

    • MW2 or BFBC2

      I enjoyed playing MW2 initially, despite certain problems. But there definitely are some spoilers with it. I like playing free for all, but it ruins your Wins stats! I dislike the fact that much bigger scores are attainable from certain online game modes. That's just not right. If I only ever want to play DM and F4A, why should I have to live with lower points? Then of course, there's trying to get a good game. Who wants to start 75% of the way through a game where your team is on half the points with the air full of enemy helicopters and AC130's? No, nor me. But then you have technical issues with the game. Like hitting people in the chest 6 times with a sniper and for some reason
      not one of the rounds has counted? It happens a lot in MW2, like some sort of server related issue. And look how vulnerable the game is……..the game is hacked to point now that it's almost unplayable. The love affair has ended. I'm going to rush out and buy BFBC2 in principle. I'm betting that the online mode has got to be better, based on the logic that the probability of it being as flawed as MW2 is unlikely. And no, I haven't played BFBC2 yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to shout about what I experience to the rest of the universe.

      • alex

        honestly it's amazing

  • Alex Sachter

    Battlefield BC2: Is simply realistic, unlike in COD MW2 it doesn't matter how hard you hold down a gun when you spray from say any LMG such as the AUG the gun should go haywire and bullets all over. But that's not the case in MW2 instead the bullets hit the target say from even 500 meter distance. Even if you spray say the UMP45 in BFBC2 if has a huge kick back while you're holding down the gun in a proximity of 50-100 meter. Now that's reality v. arcade fun. Depends on you. COD MW2 had awesome Spec OPS which till this day I play with my pal. But when I go online its BFBC2. If you don't believe me, which you obviously shouldn't s and check this out for yourself. Here try the M16 in COD MW2 and compare it with the one in BFBC2, that should answer all the questions on this page. If you'd like I'd suggest you use the PISTOLS and see that they feel so realistic, it takes ages in COD MW2 to kill with the USP45 (single, not akimbo). BTW what the F*** is with the RPG's in COD? The AT4 is suppose to do more damage than the RUSSIAN RPG launcher. Like it was mentioned earlier the grenades shot from the launchers 249 or the 203 do not have the explosive power to kill 3 or more people like in MW2 I suggest you all look at the damage done by it in BFBC2 sometime it only hits the sand and the enemy takes some damage. BEFORE ANY OF YOU SAY THAT THE GAME-PLAY OF BFBC2 is not realistic try it out side by side with MW2 and the truth shall follow if you're intelligent enough to understand, but on the other hand if you have an IQ of 40 its impossible.

    Dr. Insight

    Comments are welcomed at:

    • Yoon

      Realistic that a sniper doesn't move and inch? Yeah, 'cause in REAL war they do that.

  • Jay

    I dont know, ive never been a real fan of the battlefield series because of the limited abilities. So far the controls and level of polish in MW2 far outways the level of polish in BC2. Today was the first day I tried out BC2 and it was ok, the quality of the game looked ok, the shooting mechanic was not up to par with whats in MW2, when you shoot an enemy there is a reaction and its easier to see whats going on. In BC2 there are alot of pathfinding issues. Dont get me wrong, BC 2 is great on its own merits, but I wouldn't say its in MW2's league yet. As for MW2, it also has issues, namely the online setup. The lag associated with many of the games puts a damper on the experience. Hackers are also rampant also.

  • Mike

    MW2 has gotten to the point where it's gone completely boring and frustrating. It has so much campers and nOObtubers, while BC2..just basically pwnz mw2. I have yet to see a camper, It's not even boring considering I can ride these tanks and black hawks. It's simply fun and pump up the volume on yer t.v….the sound of shooting is awesome. Plus maps are free…so..BC2 wins overall.

    • Yoon

      Since you know SO MUCH ABOUT GAMES, tell us, in what aspects does BF:BC2 "pwnz" Mw2?

      • Yomo24

        in all aaspect my friend in ALL

  • sickness

    i thought mw2 was pretty good at first. when i played bc2 i was blown away. mw2 felt like a arcade game, when bc2 feels like WAR. I think bc2 is superior against mw2.

  • rich

    bc2 wins hands down on so many counts. but the biggest i have found is that when i ply bc2 i am not getting 100s of sodding msgs from cheating gimps wanting to boost cos they cant ply games and then act like there amazing cos they cheat. bc2 seems to have none of this. am sure some pc bc2 plyers will find away to put there health up or have unlimited ammo but till they bc2 is a soooo much better game END.

  • Verwustung

    BC2 is fail you think by now they would make a little more realistic. The whole knifing is lame!!!! Oh and dont get me started on the servers going down. The friend request is also fail and does not work properly. Each time I log into the game I lose my friends.

    • Tyler

      If you think the knifing is lame, you just suck at the game. The knifing is 3 times more realistic than MW2. Seriously, if I were to knife you in real life, am I going to look at you with the knife and just suddenly lunge, sometimes not even HITTING you? No. Instead you actually have to use somewhat of an aim to "knife" your opponent. Also, BC2 is a new game. It will have glitches at the beginning of its release. MW2 had loads of glitches 10 times worse than BC2 right now. "Javelin Glitch" anyone? Anyways, go ahead and go back to your sh!tty MW2. I would hate to have a 5 year old on my team anyways.

      • I back you up about the is a LOT more realistic than MW2.

      • Jacob

        I agree the knifing is WAY better in BFBC2 than in MW2

  • Rob

    The battlefield series has been around since 2002, so to say that the entire game is a rip off of MW2 is simply misinformed. Furthermore, BFs weapon upgrade system has been around since 2005 with the launch of BF2 for the pc.

    I agree with many of the posters. It's time for a change. I can't wait to get my hands on BF2 for the 360; I've always enjoyed the ticket based gameplay of BF as well as the team mechanics involved. Though, for me the leap between platforms may be a little rough. I've never played any of the BF games on the 360, but if they are anything like the BF games on the pc, then you console gamers are in for a real treat. ; )

    • Jacob

      Actually, Battlefield has been around since the 90's with Battlefield 1942! Proving your point even more

    • alex

      you will not regret it!

  • abc

    i haven't played bc 2, but I'm about to get it because it sounds more fun. mw2 is all about connection speed and skill takes a back seat. You'll go to knife someone and think you've got him, then all of a sudden you die and killcam shows you were about 10 meters away from him. Like i said it's all about your connection in mw2.

  • BC2 Fan

    Ok, see the reason why people love to camp in MW2 is because there is hardly a penetration through walls. However, in BC2, you get to blow up alot of sh!t. MW2 multiplayer is slow paced while BC2 is more fast paced, more action. Also BC2 has a more challenging campaign which is more fun. Without a doubt, BC2 is better than MW2. MW2 is getting old and BC2 is fresh sh!t. Wow is also right. MW2 has only a FEW better ways, but think about it. People say that MW2 and BC2 are almost alike. However, Many say MW2 only has better graphics while BC2 is more realistic in both campaign and multiplayer gameplay. If I had to choose between graphics or realistic gameplay, I would defenitely choose gameplay. I believe that quality gameplay is the key to a well made game.

    • alex

      lol… bc2's graphics are superior.. the only thing mw2 has on graphics is the random shit that floats around which is totally unrealistic anyway and the random shinyness on player models which again, is unrealistic..

      bc2 wins in EVERY dpt

  • mw2 is better

    mw2 is better. bbc2 is crap. mw2 has a much better multiplayer with persistent rank. battlefield copied everything from mw2. People will get bored of it in a month and go right back to mw2. Just watch. Maybe dice should stop copying inifinty ward and grow a pair.

    • Sks Neighbor

      ur an idiot!!!
      modern warfare 2 is an epic failure compared to bad company 2. bad company has bigger maps better weapons and is way more realistic then MW2 since when do u get double tap on a gun?? thats stupid. the overall game engine of BFBC2 is way better to with destriction 2.0 and MW2 doesnt have that.. at least the game makes sence when u shoot a rocket at a wall or fire bullets into a wooden fence. BFBC2 is way more diverse in that you can drive a huge array of vehicles and in MW2 u can drive hmm?? 0! thats fun. also MW2 is an arcade style game. a seven year old can be good at it because the guns have 0 recooil and he can shoot a n00bTub3 across the map and kill 3 people thats stupid. the maps on MW2 are way to small for the crap that they put into the game AC130s?? chopper gunner?? really and u have no control of it either.. thats stupid. and i guess u enjoy mods and playing private matches when uu search for a game in mathcmaking…u need to get off MW2s dong and understand the game from a realistic POV..

      • O RLY

        You obviously have not played MW2. Shut up.

        • LukeBurk

          i have mw2, and i have to agree with sks neighbor, mw2 sucks pretty badly, bc2 is the better game. Do some reasearch on bc2, its actually a pretty beast game. you should rent it or watch some videos, just stay open minded.

    • Jacob

      Dude, are you dense? Battlefield came before Call of duty. So technically call of duty stole it all from battlefield. Right now Dice is just taking back what was rightfully theirs all along

      • mw2

        retard, he's talking about how bad company 2 copied nade launcher and class systems from cod4

    • LegionDR

      your thoughts are just the same of those World Of Warcraft fanboys out there crying that all mmorpgs are copies of WoW… dude if u like more MW2 and dislike more BC2 its ok, but stop QQing out that Battlefield is a copy of Modern Warfare, you sounded sooo ignorant man…

    • Rock on

      You're an idiot. MW2 copied from the Battlefield series.

      Perks? Battlefield 2.
      Awesome active rosters? Battlefield 2

      Infinity Ward is MADE of people who left EA, retard. BC2 beats the crap out of MW2, and always will.

    • craig

      u obviously have no idea what u are talking about…what did they copy exactly, the vehicles u can utilize, the dropping of bullets form longe range lol..i would say they created much more than anything…MW2 is a recycled MW1…and not even a good recycle, balancing issues, boosters, etc…what a let down that game was, and this is from someone who put up over 5 days of playing time on MW1…such a let down

      • Yoon

        'cause 'nade launchers and vehicles are TOTALLY ONLY FOUND IN GAMES…. Seriously…

    • YoMo24

      ur a retard BC2 is the must original game in games histories and battlefield serie is more old than call of duty so stfu

    • Joe

      Do you realize CoD 4 copied from Battlefield 2 witch was realised way back in 2005?

    • BC2 king of FPS

      Wow, what an ignorant comment. The point of war-fps games is to simulate warfare (no shit). BC2 simulates it the best of all war-fps console games, hands down. It has way better physics, polished graphics, and accurate gun, vehicle, and soldier characteristics. MW2 can be fun, but they make it like it's all about the ranking up and showing off. War is not like that, they tried to make war fun but it doesnt work that way.

  • The Comment Guy

    Bad Company 2 is a much better game than the campfest/boostfest/glitchfest/hackfest that Modern Warfare 2 is. Also Modern Warfare 2 is so unrealistic, seriously akimbo Desert Eagles… It's hard enough to use one let alone two, because there is too much recoil and they are too heavy. Bad Company 2 would win all the time.

  • seamus

    Modern Warfare 2 was good for about a month and it just got boring with the glitchers campers and nuke booster. the game is broken and battlefield bad company 2 is awesome its like your really in a War. I hope they make more battlefield games and less call of duty games. And people see the light that Bad company 2 is a good game and stop playing modern warfare 2 like everyone else.

  • Wow

    i agree with unborn, the games single player is suck-ish, im about halfway thru, and wenever i decide to play single player, i get bored after 15-20 minutes, i have a 2.33 KD in BC2 and a 1.16 in MW2, and i must say, BC2’s campaign is difficult, i find myself dying every 5-10 minutes! Multiplayers a blast thought except for the scrub medics who spray n pray and then JUST HAVE TO throw out a med kit t heal themselves, get some skills. Snipings a blast, assualtings fun, and i LOVED engineer in the demo, but find myself going negative and usually getting my vehicle kills stolen as an engineer. Therefore i will say this much, MW2 is annoying and ppl need to stop dropshotting and stopping powerering on the scar-H or UMP45, and the game will be decent, but i really do end up getting pissed and rage quitting whenever i play. BC2 is way better and less annoying.

    • dats cuz u suck at mw2

      • O RLY

        Thank you for your extremely well developed, superb comment. The community will now raise you to the rank of 'admin' on this site.

        • alex

          haha, dude I agreed with your post. MW2 is fuckin lame, I raped it but it's only because there are very simple strats that get high KD but they aren't fun.

          Whenever I try to play the way they meant the game to be played (ie S&D) I get negatives always unless I whore claymores or 50 cal or something.

          BC2 all the way!

          ps3? add me poisonTree

  • unborn chikken

    ive played both games and have always been a fan of both franchises in their own right as already mentioned COD has always nudged out the singleplayer experience but falls short with its standard DM style MP which is more like any old shooter from 8-10 years ago and BF has always had awesome multiplayer with average singleplayer.

    recently got my hands on BC2 and was never a fan of BC1 now ive played bc2 singleplayer and multiplayer and the same with mw2, id have to say hands down BC2 wins in every dept

    BC2 has extremely polished mulitplayer which stomps all over mw2's mp experiece even though they have taken some ideas from each other. but the biggest difference for me was the singleplayer, MW2 left me wanting it seemed more hype than game which was vindicated when i cracked out mw1 for nostalgia reasons and its still by far the superiror campaign then bc2 comes along with this amazing singleplayer experience right out of left field. and easily rivals mw2's campaign for story and polsih and cinematic involvement, looks like infinity are dragging their heels and DICE have stepped up

    just my 2 cents

  • M

    MW2 is the better single player.
    BC2 is the better multi player.

    But with single player lasting less than 10 hours and multi player lasting way over 100 hours, then BC2 is the better game.

    • Nn

      I think mw2 is better bc of online there’s too much stuff u can’t do in real life. Examples cut a fence with a drill,jump ten feet in the air, and swim and reload at the same time.

      I’m not saying call of duty is the best game it’s just better than bc2