Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VS Modern Warfare 2: Which is the better game overall?

Ok, lets put the recent server issues surrounding Battlefield: Bad Company 2 aside shall we? It has been almost a week since the game was released in the US. How are you finding it, from a gameplay point of view?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 (see what we did there), the benchmark has now been set for all other developers releasing a first person shooter game.

Many had predicted that Bad Company 2 would be the game that could challenge Modern Warfare 2, in the best console shooter stakes, so what game do you think is better?

While both games offer a deep and compelling single player campaign, the stand-off will really take place in the multiplayer department. Maybe it is hard for a lot of you to see past the server issues with Battlefield, but personally speaking – I think Bad Company 2 is the better game overall.

Do you agree or disagree with me? We have created a poll below, for you to voice your opinion on this. Give us your feedback afterwards. Be nice now!

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