Battlefield Bad Company 2: Server Update on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – EA

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2010

We know many of you are still experiencing major problems with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so we have an update to bring you now, on all three platforms for the game (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC).

EA has been using their official Twitter account to send out continued updates on how things are looking at the moment. For PS3 users, its good news – EA state that while there was another outage this morning, things should be back to normal for you with no problems. However, there is still an issue when trying to access the in-game store for the bonus content.

As for the Xbox 360, EA states that servers were ‘severely impacted’ following the outage, and that following a restart to the service – they are monitoring the situation closely, but servers should be back online.

It seems as if PC gamers are most the frustrated though, as there is still an ongoing problem with the Punkbuster anti-cheat program, preventing users from connecting to some, if not all servers. EA’s latest tweet states that they are looking into this problem regarding Punkbuster.

Further information on the current server outage can be read here. Let us know your thoughts on this guys. Not a good opening weekend is it?

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  • Verwustung

    Server issues are still fail and each time I log in I have to request my friends again!!!!

  • Tommy

    Seriously, the server browser they have implemented on the PC is the worst ever! It takes 5 min to refresh the server list and if you toggle between the favorites tab and the "complete" tab, it does a complete refresh – 5 more minute of waiting! I didn't really believe it when I saw it. I've also had problems with Punkbuster kicking me for no reason. Hope they get this sorted out quickly. I tried to return my game bought on Steam but no luck 🙁

  • Frithjof

    still problems on xbox. Cant connect to EA at all right now. And the fucked up thing is every time this happens 2000 of my latest xp is gone and my newest unlock!

  • Jim

    The KICKSUCKERS at Punkbuster should be put out of business!!!!

    I can't play BF2142, and now I can't play Bad Company 2.

    Punkbuster is the Bad Company!!!

  • Ryan

    I have had no problems on my ps, gets games and gets me in games in seconds been playing fine all weekend.

  • Zach

    Its still down for Xbox, :/ effing EA

  • Joe

    Couldn't get on for over 45 mins last night, and 30 minutes so far 360.

  • steve

    im on the 360 as well, usa

  • steve

    not working for me

  • Lang

    graaa! anger! I wanna play

  • Can anyone shed any light on this?

  • mpaysinger

    if ea was good to the person/s paying the bills they would give us some free downloads new maps or weapons or all of the above

    • ATC

      Well yeah they are giving us a lot of free things. Like for BC1 they gave out a free map pack to everyone. I am guessing many of the things they give out, like map packs and such is going to be free. Or if not you pay for somethings but give extra as well. EA knows what they are doing

  • mpaysinger

    not working for me usa xbox 360 just serches for mach waited 20min had to turn system off they need to fix it now or give me my 60 bucks back ass holes

    • ATC

      Yeah EA is changing all of the servers for Xbox 360. That is why it is messing up so much. You are going to have to wait, but hey it is worth the wait. As long as you don't lag you will be fine.

  • Justin

    yep i cant get online, on my xbox 360

    been trying to for 20 mins now

  • Xbox 360, I'm in the UK if that makes any difference..

  • Its not working for me!

    • Which version are you playing Tom?