Assassin’s Creed 2 PC: DRM Server Fault Causes ‘Lock Out’

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2010

We have recently heard that PC gamers who play Assassin’s Creed 2 have been recently experiencing issues with the game, apparently overloaded DRM servers are ‘locking out’ gamers.

From what we can see the problem first appeared yesterday, since then a massive thread has appeared on Ubi’s European forums, however at the time of this post the forums seemed to be down.

I checked Ubisoft’s Twitter page, apparently the problem should be fine now and it only affected some European games, they first tweeted “Apologies to anyone who couldn’t play ACII or SH5 yesterday. Servers were attacked which limited service from 2:30pm to 9pm Paris time” and then added “95% of players were not affected, but a small group of players attempting to open a game session did receive denial of service errors”.

People are saying that if you are lucky enough to be in a gaming session do not log out, for more details check out GameSpy.

Have you been affected by this problem? If so let us where and when you experienced problems in the comments section below.

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  • metafore

    Better yet make the AC2 offline playable like AC1 before. Less problems and less hick-up. Actually if you trying to act so clever for improving the game security, you are actually in accident manner exposing your stupidity and incompetence. To eager of showing perfectness instead you are being imperfect. Do you ever think about this? Please don't be a f**king idiot.

  • wqs

    same problem, its obvious that any game that doesn't work properly is a bad game. No matter how good the story and game play

    are they that stupid at ubisoft

  • Having issues with ACII. I click on Story Mode and it goes to a screen that says, "Establishing Network Connections. Please Wait." I just started a game a couple days ago and it was working fine. Made it halfway through the game, but now it doesn't want to start. Any way you can help?

    • Jason Bishop

      In an effort to try and stop the people who pirate from doing what they do, they have limited people like myself who have purchased the game in a legit fashion. I think that Ubisoft first destroyed their reputation for me when they did not release Halo PC with a co-op feature. Since then, the downward spiral has accumulated an out of control, and over focused failure to produce either great games or great content.

      Essentially saying, that the Ubisoft company, in my opinion is running out of steam, and is in dire need of a new way, whether new or adopted, to less undermine their games and make them more enjoyable/secure.

    • Talverion

      I've got the exact same problem. It's only just happened today that I can't play the game.

    • Jr.

      I have the same problem. i've been playing it for months without problem. almost done with the book (i dont play religiously.) It loaded perfect the day before and now i cant load my saved games. wut do i do now?

  • …..Wow.

    "Establishing Network connection Please wait" WHAT THE HELL!? The game costs 60 bucks ( PC VERSION) And it screws up on me? fix the damn game.

  • I got to play the game off-line,by establishing my own crack, but there are lots of crashes and bugs.

  • hitec

    i m getting error on login aswell damn it

  • blix

    I have that problem as well. When I click on Story Mode, the game gets stuck on: Establishing network connection. Please wait. I even left the game on this screen for 5 hrs and nothing changed. Why is this happening?

  • Wuji

    This is ridiculous. Is been days since it was first reported and they still havene't fixed it.
    This DRM has brought Ubi into complete disripute from customers and the games industry itself.

    Thank God for the 'Sales of Goods Act'. Will be returning this for full refund as the product is unfit for purpose, i.e. its a game that can not be played.

  • Ipodguitar

    March 5 bought, worked till march 8 and it got the stupid same error

  • Oli

    Piracy protection tactics that are this tight and stop legitmate buyers from playing the game they bought actually advertises piracy!

    I have bought a copy of this game, however I have not even been able to play it yet. It is tempting to go in search of pirate copies instead…

  • Exi

    I do find this a little ridiculous, everyone has a valid point and I can even understand why Ubi want to protect the game, but it is things like this that actually drive people who would normally be quite willing to part with their hard earned cash to buy this into downloading a hacked game!

    To not even offer the ability for an offline mode and connect online again to get new content or patches etc is just plain ridiculous! Bioware, steam and just about every other big company has! I think Ubisoft have just in a way signed their own death warrant to quite a large gaming community, I mean isn't wow the biggest thing out there in terms of games, have they even paused to think that a large number of gamers don't run consoles still?

    To Ubi's defence, this is a very good game, it is a shame that this little hiccup has managed to wreck it for so many!

  • John May

    server not recognising my Username or Password. but if i do manage to logon, I have experianced several crashes. i am not interested in why the problems are there – just that i have been sold a faulty product. thankfully Amazon have agreed a refund! ( the permanant Internet logon recguirement to play game NOT FULLY explained in pre-sales add's )

  • bob

    Yes Im getting the same problem – March 8th 20.oo h gmt – it was working last night and now isn't – but getting messages either no internated access, or wrong password user detail

  • Comando96

    (Your comment is too long, trying splitting it up into several comments…)

    How should I sum up my experiance of the game so far? A truley excelent game… ruined by a bunch of corporate to**ers who want to try and eliminate piracy. I have a friend who does pirate versions of some games… I buy my games but I know what he is working on right now. He says that Assassins Creed 2 is becoming a really challenging game to crack open but he is managing it so far.[/rant]

    Great Job Ubisoft… great job… (lie you ruined it)

  • Comando96

    Assassins Creed 2 (PC of course) is taking the mick…

    First off when I started playiing it… no issues at all, wonderful game in every way. However the next day I had issues with getting to load up when the games laucher tried to synch my saved games to those of the sever and froze… about 10 mins later it was still trying but unfroze and I turned the option to synch my games online… off.

    Then I ran into issues when the game was loaded while it was "Establishing network connection"… I had a stop watch by now and timed it. 23 mins… I got to the "Guest in a reasonably priced car" on Topgear before the game achieved this.

    However once it had set itself up, horah it worked again and I was playing without any problems at all… except when I achieved something lag hit my gaming computer for the very first time as it saved and checked its connection…

    Currently… nothing, it won't let me log into the game… It will let me log into their forums so it is not my password or username that is the problem… they are.

  • Connor

    I am getting a login error when trying to log into the ubisoft servers. It says invalid username or password. This doesn't make sense as it has worked for the last 2 days and i have remembered the password from previous sessions. I then tried reseting the password but found out that the ubisoft website is down. This is quite annoying as I am getting into a good bit of the game and want to carry on.

    Please, any suggestions

    • Shane

      The same exact thing happened to me.
      I've been playing it fine since Friday and I also tried to reset the password.
      It's really annoying.