Apple iPad: Zen Bound 2 ‘iPad Enhanced’ Game Screens and Details

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2010

When the Apple iPad becomes widely available it is almost certain that developers will begin to concentrate on developing applications suited to ‘Apple’s latest creation’, one developer who has already revealed an ‘iPad game’ is Secret Exit.

Secret Exit are currently working on a sequel to Zen Bound, Zen Bound proved to be a pretty popular game for iPhone and iPod Touch, this sequel will apparently be enhanced in many ways to suit the iPad.

Enhancements will include better support for the tablet’s hardware and improvements to the gameplay, graphics, music and the game’s overall visuals.

No definite release information is currently known, however SlashGear believe that the game may well launch when the iPad launches on April 3rd. Check out the link below for screens and further information.

Source: SlashGear

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