Steve Ballmer: New Xbox 360 Designs

By Peter Chubb - Mar 7, 2010

We know that Microsoft have plans for a new Xbox in a few years – the 720 – but they are still committed to the current Xbox 360 model. This is evident with what Steve Ballmer recently said at a cloud” speech this week, saying that the company will expand the 360 range with a bunch of new designs.

Microsoft have not gone down the same route as rivals Sony did with the PS3 by offering a re-design like the PS3 slim, and the PS2. There have been a number of changes to the Xbox 360, but they have only been to its storage or bundles.

Now that Ballmer has said that we can expect to see a few new Xbox 360 designs, this will no doubt open the floodgates to the amount of renders that will state – this is the new Xbox 360. Electronista did not report how long it will be before we see these new shape game consoles from Microsoft.

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  • Darth


  • Super Mario

    Hahaha red boxes yup I guess these babies will just heat up faster…. Ummm I'll go order a couple more cases of thermal and screws…..

  • Daneil

    Yeah the finally get it right with the jasper chipset, and now they are going to make new ones. Well my pocket book just got bigger. Okay microsoft I am ready to beging repairing your poor equipment. From the looks of that picture they will trade red rings for red boxes.

  • Ryan

    Do xbox copy everything ps3 do? It even looks like the PS3, the same colour, at least finally they make the console actually look good

    • juan

      the nes, snes , genisis/megadrive all had redesigns during thier lifespans to make them smaller ,cost effective, or use newer components that are better, sony didnt invent the idea . if its better made and looks pretty and has natal , i dont see any probem i traded in my old ps3 for a slim and if they make a better version of the xbox ill probably buy that