Best Diet and Genes: New DNA Diet Test

By Peter Chubb - Mar 7, 2010

Obesity is a serious problem, one that has always been hard to understand why this happens. We all assume that it is just down to us eating more and exercising less, but there is so much more to it. American scientist claim that they are now able to perform a DNA test to determine whether a person is more likely to lose weight by going on a low fat diet.

The reason why certain people are overweight is down to their genes, it does not matter how much they exercise or how many diets they go on, they will not lose as much weight as they hope. However, studies show that this new DNA Diet Test will be able to show what is the best diet suited to your DNA.

The Hindu reports that researchers took DNA from 101 white Caucasian women and then divided them into three groups. From there they were able to match the diet that suited them most, results show that they have lost 2-3 times more in one-year than they had done on previous diets.

Do you think that there is any truth into this new DNA Diet, or is it just another one of those stupid studies?

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  • Janet

    I've taken carolyn's dna diet and I've had positive results with it. She is a very sweet woman and easy to work with. I was skeptical in the beginning but I've lost over 30 pounds during her system. She changed my diet plan based off my questionnaire results and did based it on the foods I liked and disliked. She even sent me back on week three all the recipes I sent her of the stuff I make for my family with what was good and what was bad with all the nutritional information. I'm a believer!