Battlefield Bad Company 2: EA addressing Xbox 360 problems – Twitter

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2010

EA has confirmed that they are looking into a drop in the number of players on the Xbox 360 version of recently released Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – presumably related to server issues which have been affecting all three platforms of the game.

Yesterday, we asked you how many of you were getting error messages from EA when trying to play a game, and the response was pretty clear – a lot of you.

It looks like the Xbox 360 is getting hit the most though, as EA stated the following message on their Twitter account last night:

”We are aware of a drop in players on Xbox 360, EA is investigating and we will get the game back for you ASAP.”

Hopefully, the problems get sorted out sooner than later, as EA has done a great job on the multiplayer experience this time around – Hurry up and fix it EA!

Let us know if you have anything to share on this matter. Are you still experiencing problems with the game or not?

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  • Kyle Cornett

    it wont let me play battle field two online it says cant connect to server

  • Jeremiahryan420

    I have not been able play Battlefield Bad Company 2 online since 2 weeks prior to the Battlefield 3 Beta being released to the public, for the xbox360. When i try to play multiplayer it takes like a full minute to load , then it says cannot connect to EA online.   Any solutions or ideas???????

  • Anonymous

     when i download the new vietnam update (to get all map packs) i play battlefield but it says disk unreadable i delete the update and i works perfectly but i cant play  with people who have the update plz plz help or i’am selling this game (i only got 2 days ago from amazon)

    • i have thesame exact problem… someone help please !

  • Michael

    Everytime i try and join a game on BFBC 2 it sais cannot connect to EA online ?? help??


    The game seems to struggle to connect to EA and even after a succesful connection after a while of playing it kicks me out to the dashboard on my 360!

  • cheets

    i need help i just got the game on 360 and i type email and password and except terms and it says your gamer rofile does not havethe correct permissions to access xbox live functionally.

  • Steven

    My online progress is not being saved it says saving.. but i cant unlock any weapons or anything. after a round if i got lets say 800 points it will say i started with -800 and bring me up to a total off 0 points. this happens after every round no matter what im stuck with no weapons. and cant rank up. I'm getting VERY frustrated because last night i got to rank 2 and today it seems EVERYTHING I've done ALL the progress ive made had disappeared and if it isnt fixed soon im not going to waste my money on Vietnam or Battlefield 3 because most likely im going to have another horrible experience. I tried very hard not to swear.

  • Cole Graney

    i don't gain ex and i then had to start from level 1 and cant level up at all

  • Bermec

    i still have a problem.(xbox360) me and one of my friends( both norway) can easily play online in any game. but about every time we try on battlefield one of us cant find any games. i get kind of pissed because its so ****** fun and i want to play with him, but one of us always gets a problem. especialy when it comes to joining a squad outside the game. when wer'e both in the game(after a lot of trying) there's few problems to mention.

  • luke

    I could connect last night now I cant connect to ea

  • David

    I have a problem that seems to be unique with my game, it all started updating to the new map pack 7 with the new maps. everytime I play the game now and then a message comes up saying game error that the game is unreadable and that I need to clean the disc and restart my console. I do this but still the error message comes up and it won't play.

    • Bermec

      my friend also got that a couple of times, it workd after a while. srry for reviving old comment btw

  • jezze96

    when i try to create my account it says: Your gamer profile does not have the correct permissions to access xbox live functionality. What i do?

  • kyllo

    xbox 360 i played it for the first time today a solid 2 1/2 hrs and then i step away to get something to eat and i come back and i had lost all of my everything rank weapons you name it id have to say that ruined online for me….. try to learn from mistakes

  • One Shot Neko

    this is bloody annoying me. I just borrowed the game back, I CAN'T connect to any of my friends and it refuses to give me the optional update, I've searched the store, xbox live market place,, the multiplayer menu and the battlefield and EA websites and I've found NO HELP WHAT SO EVER

  • BOB1888

    my friend cant get online at all on xbox 360 keeps saying accout failed he just bought the game on thursday.imo this is a joke he should be able to put the game in and go straight online.iv got it for ps3 and if i cant get online i aint gonna be happy.EA PLEASE GET THIS FIXED I LOVE THE GAME

  • Shortround76

    Cannot connect while my three friends play without me again. I was able to play onslaught the first night of the download and not nothing. I spend a lot on software/games and equip and lets just say EA is about to feel a small-time boycott. I am far from the only one.
    EA, you are not impressive.

  • Tim

    Umm, it's still having problems. BC2 Blows!! Back to CoD!

  • Harry

    I have problems

  • Josh

    I start the game up yesterday and it required a multiplayer update. So I dowloaded it and was ready to play when I started up the game after the restart, when after pushing start to the main menu it just went black and said error message ‘failed to load DLL’ ‘DLC00000001/game.xex’

  • Frodijr

    In Ireland, game forcing me to make new account but i already have ea account, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    In the US on Xbox live let’s me play a game then when next game loads i get sent back to dashoboard or the game freezes and I have to unplug my xbox to reset it what’s going on?

  • gnom1

    My friend just got it, so that we could play online together, but Its only the partyleader who joins the game. everybody else get the "could not connect to ea servers" message.
    The Fuck?

  • rdzgore

    Ican play online when i choose quick match, but not when i join from friends. Also i can't get my vip code to work.

  • im in Norway and i have problems on the Xbox.. cant play online. it says i have to creat an account . i created one and it doesn t work

  • lobo

    almost 2 weeks now, still can't connect anymore. great game but crappy support and servers. forced to go back to WaW.

  • Craig

    Every time I log into play multiplayer and I send the invite it kicks me out back to the Xbox main menu dashboard and when I go back in to play all my stats are not set up. Everything I have unlocked I have to go back in and reset all my different classes. It takes up too much time and by the time I get it all done and get into a game the game is almost over. Once I am done with a game and get into another one it kicks me out and I have to reset everything AGAIN. Please fix this b/c it is becoming such a headache that I don't even want to play this game anymore!!!

  • james

    xbox not connecting today! no games available

  • Lebron

    I cannot get this game to work only the campain but I hear that the multiplayer is the best part of the game and it is really good it says I cannot connect to the ea server if anyone finds a way to help me and many other people with this problem the please help me by replying I would appreciate It alot thank you I also love all of you guys and don’t you guys think my name is the coolest name because it is the same as lebron James thanks again bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

  • kevin

    ok so i try to play the game but it says the game has a update but it says it cant be found

  • Skyhigh86

    I’m still having problems connecting. Sometimes it works and others it doesn’t. Hope it gets fixed soon!!

  • Jarv

    (US) Yesterday I lost all my stats, weapons, everything. I thought it was an April fools joke, but everything is gone for good. EA better take care of this. Thanks for selling a faulty product!

  • otakumike

    i am completely unable to connect out all. (uk)

  • Eskimo

    Having trouble connecting to EA servers on battlefield getting a big "FAILED TO CONNECT TO EA ONLINE" thing that pops up every time I try to do anything in the multiplayer. I am from Canada, and now I'm bored -.-

  • dizz

    lost all my stats EA yet again lets us down not buying any more of their products. (UK XBL)

  • Madd Dream

    Im experiencing a lot of lag problems.. i'll be running in one room , next thang ya kno i'll be outside.. an when i knife down a door, it takes several secs before it break.. i checked my network an everything is up an running good.. is there anyone else experiencing this same problem??

  • david

    hey i live in canada newfoundland. its 8:51 pm and i have had about 5 games 1 ended out of no where. now i cannot invite anyone no games will start at all, no games at all nothing is working besides single campaign. ONE OTHER PROBLEM when the loading screen looking for a game takes forever why cant you back out ?

  • Wesley

    mine keeps sayign "your gamerprofile does not have the correct permissions to access xbox live functionality".Cna anyone help me out please?


    Not slate the game when its the servers that cocked up, the game is 10/10 imo much better than CoD 6 if you could call CoD 6 a game…. but yes ea have alot games give them chance ;D

  • Paul

    PC – not been able to connect even once. Been trying 4 days now

  • Pearl

    it's pretty frustrating for 360…. i can be in an intense game and at the middle of the game everyone gets dropped/ failed connection to ea online. sometimes i won't be able to connect to ea online from the get go. other times i join game and have lost all stats only to have them come back 20 minutes later. this is getting ridiculous… USA

  • James

    Im from UK xbox , played it fine all morning was just getting into it and around 11-12 ish

    it just went.. hasnt come back since

    what a waste.

  • kev

    cannot connect here in uk still. cannot connect to ea servers it says. platform xbox360. starting to think i wasted my money now!

    • Brett

      I bought my game a couple days ago and really liked the multiplayer until it started saying it couldnt find a game and then it couldnt connect to EA online. I am really missing my money i spent on it

      • Juan

        Have you played since dude…

  • aaron

    ridiculous. cannot connect at all. has anyone come up with the ports that are needed to play it online? i wonder if that might help.

  • tim

    i can play for like 1 hour and than ea kicks me from the game but if i restart my xbox somethimes i can play online again so you should try to restart your xbox if you wanna play online.

  • Experiencing the same problem on Win7, 64bit. Have not been able to play online at any time. "Not amused".

  • chris

    I had a few games earlier in the day but this evening i cant get on,yesterday i had some problems also so not great………… Xbox uk

  • Rhys

    uk xbox 360 cant connect to ea server all day mar 7th one word GASH!!!!!

  • L4Huddy

    An absolute joke! Great game, but didn't EA/Dice learn from the dabacle of the first three days of Battlefield 1943 on the 360?
    So now once again, hanging loading screens, no connection at all & when you finally get into a game…it kicks you several minutes later & you lose all your kills, unlocks, perks ect. that you earned in the session!
    We invest in these games & good money at that, surely they (EA?DICE, I care!) anticipated the demand to play this title? If that is indeed the issue…so, two days on & still no better. Pathetic!

  • J.C.R.

    EA have managed to disappoint fans well and truly. You would have thought that a game that would be bought primarily for online play wouldn't have had issues like this! Well done EA, well done.

  • same here going take gameback shame aswell but 2 days now and ive managed like 20 mins.

  • Mohammad

    I have a 360, and it was playing just fine yesterday, and today was good for about 2 hours then the connection problem happend again. so far i havent been able to play again…

  • Failed to connect to ea online! Come on guys how many lanches of battlefield games isit goin to take to get them to have running servers from the word go?isit really too much to ask after all the Money u just made from us ?(the gamers)

  • Donlogan85

    "EA Games ruin everything" should be thier new slogan. the game is amazing online, when you can get online. can't be good for business for EA when no other game such as Modern Warfare 2 has no bugs on opening weekends online gaming.

  • bfer

    cant connect to ea server wtf this isnt y i bought this game

  • chrisdude

    major connection problems again (uk-xbox360)
    lost my stats, ins and class upgrades 3 times so far. Now its asking for my VIP code again. It wont recognise the code I got when I bought the game, at the state of this.

    Why have servers capable for 2 million users when clearly u's knew it was gonna be a heck of alot more.

  • 360 not connecting anymore- ugh. I was just about to kill someone when it disconected too.

  • Piolongmix

    Problem to log in (Poland) (UK XBL)

  • PC cannot connect at all. Kicked after 15 seconds PB Init failure. GRRRRRR

  • crypto156

    servers are down again (UK) happened last night about 12:00am-ish
    battlefield can never get the servers right as 1943 had the same problems

  • i could connect for half of yesterday but not at all today so far

  • james

    last night, at about 11pm, march 6th, everything was fine, now its 1pm march 7th and when i go to play, check my stats/gadgets, or check the leaderboards i cant connect to EA, im on a 360

    • eazygeez

      Same thing here, sux

  • carl

    I can’t get online I wouldn’t have bought this today if I knew they were having problems. Back to Cod:MW2 for me then.

  • flamebrain63

    Massive problems here! (UK)
    Unable to connect most of the time… PB issues rife!
    It’s all a big mess!

  • Luke

    im in the uk and im having problems on the xbox 360

  • Peter

    No problems here either (UK) but seemed to have lost my VIP status as its prompting for code again.

  • iucidium

    No problems here (UK)

    • [UN]-QUICKY-

      I have problems on p.c version.Keeps kicking me for pb init failure.I have updated manually but that does not work.Come on EA fixxx this.

      • Kato

        EA is aware of this issue, but it actually is a Punk Buster issue….I have yet to play a BF that didn't have server issues at release. A shame b/c they did a great job with this game.

        • Yeah..the majority of people are saying the same thing – that it really is a great multiplayer experience. Lets hope they sort the servers out this week. 😀