Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BFBC2): ‘PB Init Failure’ message hits PC gamers

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2010

Following on from our post this morning, which informed you that EA were investigating problems for the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield Bad Company 2, we are hearing that PC gamers are experiencing a new error message – related to PunkBuster.

As reported from HeartlessGamer, Punkbuster is an anti-cheat software program that is used within the game. But rather than help gamers, it seems to be stopping them from connecting to servers at all.

A new error message has been reported, which seems to be affecting the majority of PC owners. The full message is:

”You have been kicked from the game. The reason is:Punkbuster kicked player ‘playername’(for 0 minutes) … PB INIT FAILURE (if this persists, visit slick support to manually update PunkBuster).”

This latest error seems to be different from the issues affecting console versions, as it looks to be a problem related to PunkBuster specifically – and not EA. Luckily, there are a few steps you can try out to fix this problem, head to the link above for information on this.

Have you been greeted with this message when trying to connect to servers online?

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  • pete

    i just bort battlfield 2 bad company today origenal carnt get on any servers at all it makes me sick……………….

    • Wwwww

      i have the same problem, it tells me to install punbuster (what i did) and should activaid it (wich i dont know how to do :D). so i hope i find an answere somewhere.

  • sam

    when i played on battlefield bad company . 2 play online it did not work so fuck it . i raver buy it on xbox360 it could work but on the computer its a peace of shit its crap

  • omgicantread

    RTFM noob.

  • Annoyed

    I baught and downloaded bfbc2 for pc and had no problems, other than updating my graphics driver. Then all of a sudden i couldn't find any games, and had to keep playing on previous servers that were listed in my history, then the other day my favourites and history lists for servers were fully cleared for no reason, and i cannot find any servers. I found one the other day but got booted from it after 20 seconds of play. same bloody message "PB init failure" I'm really getting sick of this.

  • VonFronkenstone

    I had the same problem and it drove me nuts. I uninstalled Punk Buster, Bad Company 2 and Steam is disgust. Today I reinstalled everything and still the same problem.

    Just now I tried again and searched for servers with the Punk Buster box checked and no problems! I'm not getting kicked and no error messages! Of course I still suck but that'll change. (I made sure to add Bad Company 2 to the list of games in Punk Buster and update it beforehand)

    Hope it helps someone, it's not fun having your online experience dictated by a finicky app.

  • Maverick

    Congrats EA – you fucked up Bad Company 2 because of a security measure named "PunkBuster" and aren't trying to fix this issue! I feel like demanding refund…

  • FUCK!!!

    FUCK YOU PB.. FUCK YOU HARD IN THE ASS! i just bought this game today and i cant even play it. tried updating PB and all that shit, but still doesnt work. what the hell am i supposed to do now?

  • Gakreakter

    This is some serious bullshit??? It worked for me just fine until yesterday May 18 and then all of a sudden I get that stupid Been kicked because of punkbuster o time bull shit also got one that said something about Punk buster heartbeat???? This game kicks ass it seems like enough people own this M/F'er to get off their asses and fix the problem?????? Step up and fix this shit EA what the fuck is you problem???

  • sacha


  • karl

    i bought bad company 1 week ago now an have yet to play one match at first i had blotchy graphics sorted that out by changing the exe name then now punk shite buster wont work and when i log onto a pb free server i get more graphics problems the rifle looks fecked up mental colours flashing all over it then i get disconnected for having no packet flow by pb when i aint even on a pb server how fecked up is that now i have opened the game i cant even take it back and get a refund itz a load of bollox get ur thumb out your ass an sort it EA you tossers

  • HellsGrimTyrant


    Instead of catching cheaters, it kicks and bans legit and honest players for its own shortcomings. Kicked for losing key packets? How is that our fault? Even balance should really get their s**t together and actually fix their product so that it works. I cannot tell how frustrated I have been accross multiple games due to PB not working like it should. I also cannot fathom how game developers choose to partner with such a mediocre product with a long history of problems. Enough is enough!

  • OldnRusty

    Well what kind of EA product would it be if you could actually just go buy it… take it home and then enjoy playing it without any hassles?

    I ummm heard a rumour that EA actually decided it would be more economical to no longer hire beta testers for their games… instead they could spend only half the money hiring a full time team dedicated to brainstorming new and interesting ways they can F-up each new release.

  • Stephen

    Iit takes time to fix a server problem i have experience i own a 360 there lastest news said that the servers are going to be down at march 12th,2010 from 8:00Gmt to March 13th,2010 9:00CMT so they r going to be working on the 360 edition idk about the PC

  • alex

    another game for loosers , stop buying games stupid people, they dont care about the players , thats why i ill never buy more games, i just download for free and i dont care a shit for the copyrights….. and i dare anyone to get me arrested for donwload games …..
    BUYING GAMES ITS FOR LOOSERS AND STUPIDS…… Download for free and dont give a fuck for multiplayers shit connections and CHEATERS…..I have to talk to my lawyer to handle this shit company of EA, as they do to prosecute anyone who downloads illegal ….. fucking thieves

  • paul

    what is the point of Pb anyway,supposed to stop cheats ,cod 4 is full of hackers,i was playing cod 4 yesterday one player had 149 kills 10 deaths with a 67 kill streak,why isn't Pb stopping him,waste of space Pb.

  • xComa

    Make sure PnkBstrA.exe is runned as admin……. Old problem from PB!

  • Zlayer

    OK, So I today I got no pb failure message playing online (previous tried pb_setup in pb folder- with no difference). Makes me wonder if it may be true that there are some issues with the servers.. After 3 hours of gameplay i lost my connection to EA though. Good thing its good night 😉

    ROCK ON!

    • killer_tejas

      hey mate plz can u tell me wat settings should i use to play this **** game online i m not able to start it even forget about playing online my single player works just fine but i cannot connect to any server to play this game plz can u help me mate

  • FPB


    • DHude

      Guys the pbsetup fix works for me; I'd previously been getting kicked after 1 min. Put pbsetup.htm and pbsetupsv.htm in you pb directory (as per advice from evenbalance) up and running ok for an hour or so now.

  • craig

    This is shockingly bad from both EA and punkbuster. Absolutely no support whatsoever from either company. I would rather take my chances and play with cheaters, than to not play at all. Very very VERY disappointed!

  • mark

    Do i smell Fraud??????

  • test

    is there already a solution?

  • HitMan

    Play all CoD´s since years, was really disappointed about MW2 and didn´t touch it again since the BFBC2 Beta was out. EA had the biggest chance ever to show that f*** Infinity Ward Steam sh** is not what gamers want. I can quote myself again and again: if i deliver such result in my job, i would have it no-more! This is a half- complete edition, that hundred-thousands of gamers will enter the servers after release should have been clear before. This game rocks! and will leave MW2 behind, that steamsh** BUT do your job, EA, Dice, PB whoever it is, we´ve got a right to get a finished game which is running, i paid for this and i demand it! I don´t care about your marketing shit, if someone will buy that game now and you re interested in savings only, than you´ll loose your customers for other games. AND, to be honest, everything like "sorry, we made errors… we´re working on it…statements which explain what happens, THAT will be highly appreciated, something everyone should do if something is not working. Keep away from blowing your own horns and explain us what will happen and when! THANK YOU!

  • PocoLoco

    Same here as well. I log in a server and after a minute or two I get kicked cause of PB INIT FAILURE (if this persists, visit slick support to manually update PunkBuster).

    This so frustrating !!!!! Come on they released the game without testing its compatability with punkbuster? Besides I dont really think that Punkbuster does a good job of detecting cheats. I have been playing first person shooters for a long time now since the release of Call of Duty and I have seen plenty of cheaters bypassing punkbuster. I wanna see the day when PC gamers will be able to just insert the disk and play without having to register to sites, redeem codes, deal with cheat and anticheat software. Plug and Play man!!!

  • Invaderzim O_o

    Im thinkin the same Brian told. There was a big marketing sht around the release,They made players preorder your game, and now what? Now nearly every old pain about the old bf2 is back. Also like Biran told pnkbstr is doin nothin. Cheaters aimbots are on like in bf2, pb just making non cheaters like me angry by dropping out of server. If i amso lucky, i can play a few mins, max half hour, then CONNECTION LOST WITH SERVER. Then i try to connect again. Cant connect toEA servers. LOL. And this cycles over and over. -_-. Im gettin tird of it. I think the whole anti cheat , and server connection sytem need a reform, this one showed bf players its miserablity. If this connection and pb pain in the as, woud be over bfbc2 coud be a jewel of the modern onine pfs art. Please keep it up ! The game itself rocks

  • D'men!

    Yeah i've the same problem 10000x updated PB don't works.
    I can now join servers, but im kicked always from PB.
    I want my 56 euros BACK! fuck EA FUCK BF BC 2 make the game good
    And not bad mother fuckers!

    (Stinky) Srry for Bad english :P(/Stinky>

  • dudy

    omg i wish it would just work, i was soo excited gettinf out of the shit match making system of mw2 and then theres this == are all modern games this fkd ?

  • Brian

    I've experienced a total of about 60 seconds of online play after buying the game last night. Looks promising and updated all teh PB stuff. NOTHING.. This is terrible Quality Control.

    The QC department at DICE is apparently run by a bunch of no talent clowns. Either that or some limp wristed manager at DICE bowed to EA's yelling to "SHIP THE GAME NOW!!!"

    EA is the publisher, not developer, they don't have anything to do with these problems other than allowing their developer to release a busted game. Or it could be all punkbusters fault who don't bust any punks anwyay except casual cheaters… BF2 was rampant with cheaters.

    DICE and PunkBuster… GET THIS FIXED NOW!!! This is totally unacceptable. Stop congratulating yourselves on finally shipping the game. Put down the champagne and GET BACK TO WORK. You better be sleeping at the office until this problem is fixed !!!!

  • hmm

    i spent $90 on a game i cant play…..

  • Verwustung

    Same here worked fine yesterday and today Punkbuster problems…… Other games have there own fix to catch cheaters and bots like world of warcraft for example!

  • rob

    youve probably already tried this but so far pb hasnt kicked me since,i downloaded the bbc2 file from evenbalance and put it into my pb/ htm folder,worth a try ,report back.

  • Hammer UK

    Had the same fault myself with the kick for PB INIT fault. I could run the prog on the BC2 DVD in the Punkbuster folder. This in/uninstalls PB but has a Test option which would fail. Did all the manual PB updates but same fault.
    I was using ESET Smart Security with permissions for PB and BC2 added. The tests would fail but COD4 would work with PB.
    Switched the firewall off and the test passed! So I've changed to Avast Security Suite and the on DVD program test passes with their firewall turned on.
    If I get the odd PB kick I think it's because the server admins haven't updated to the latest version of PB and rebooted their game server. I've played afew games today on PB enabled servers and they work.
    I've had a few network faults in the game, think this is down to bugs and should be sorted in the next patch.

    So guys if you have updated your PB to the latest version try the check on the DVD. If this fails switch your firewall off and retest. If it then passes look for a different firewall.

    Hope this helps some of you out.

    Hammer UK, see you on the battlefield.

  • rob

    thankyou PUNKCUNT for fucking up my enjoyment

  • CoolCat

    I was playing online just fine 2 days ago but yesterday and today it's been coming up with this bloody message grrrrrrrrrrrrr it's so annoying!!!!!!! i hate it when games don't work properly, they spend bloody ages making the damn things i would rather they take a bit longer and get them right!!!

  • Uglystick

    Wow.. People need to chill out… every game has its problems – they'll fix it, give them time! you'll be back to gettin your face raped in no time.

  • adam

    failbuster Strikes again.

  • John

    I think it's some servers. I played on Tacticalgamer server no problem, logged off tried to join another server got the message.

  • Yuri

    YA..WAS WORKING FINE IN D MORNING AS OF 7TH MARCH…nd now dis PB kick whenever i join a game..hh its irritating..also some servers dont show the map settings like friendly fire, radar..its jus blank..!!Game is excellent..only if it works though..xD

  • Colin

    I go out and pay 49 dollor's for the game.. Come home. install it, which takes about 20 minutes then i have to reinstall it because the noob support tech's say it will help or work.. not… that reinstall just took up another 20 minutes of my life, then i downloaded the punkbuster update.. they said that would work.. wrong.. doesn't work… now i am here 5 hours later with no game play and 49 dollors down the drain.. thank you to you makers who are getting paid on their day off while the game is still not fixed.. do the world a favor and work for your money!

  • Diu

    FUCK you punkbastard!!! I fucking bought the game specially for my entertainment in this weekend…..and you are not fucking working at all…….OH, man, i've got a lot of work to do after this weekend……It is TIME WASTING and MONEY WASTING……..

  • This is fraud.

    I payed money for this game and I wanted to play it online. Right now Im not getting anything from what I've paid. Yesterday I actually managed to play without problems on this TV2 servers, but today its back to the same FUCKING MESSAGE!!! "PB INIT FAILURE".
    Seriously, I didnt know that PB besides stopping cheaters was meant to kick normal players and RUIN the entertaiment for people who have paid for this game! I dont know who I should blame for this..
    DICE ! I think this game is awesome! But if you dont want the game to get dragged down deep into the mud by PunkBuster, you better find a solution. This is not what I paid for! This is not entertaining! This is a disapointment which I rather hoped would beat MW2 !

  • Taras Kroutchev

    this is the ultimate failure from EA and Battle feild.
    They should fire all the dev team and the so called “enginers”
    This is bullshit! how can u accept to be kicked by the worst anti cheat tools on earth (Pinkbastard!)
    it kicks only the inocent player and not the cheater!


  • EAaBadCompany

    I agree with what the last guy said………. I Think!

  • xxv


  • Cornholios

    PB SUCKS!!!!!!!

  • macy

    I had same played fine all day now all off sudden this punkbuster kicks me? PN INIT failure i updated my punkbuster through even balance but no luck?

    Please fix this!!


  • Nilfisktun

    nvm, got the error again now.. omg this fails :s

  • Nilfisktun

    Hi dudes. Think i found the fix now.

    On the game CD, there was a special version of PB, and i just uninstalled pb with this"pbsvc.exe", and then installed "pbsvc_bc2.exe".

    Seemed to fix the problem, and it even makes sence..

    Hosting them for ya here..

    You can thank me later :p

    pb setup file from CD:


  • Randy Dandy

    Shitty punkbuster. Bunch of halfwits!

  • Zlayer

    FFS same s*** happened to me. Played all day today, and then lost connection to EA server this nigh. Ran pb.setup and deleted bc2 beta, and now i get "pb init failure". I'm going to for a smoke and the to bed, and I'll bet that this "problem" will be solved by tomorrow afternoon or else I want a refund ;D Great game btw!

  • R4F . Malik


    iam from germany.. and i have the same f.u.c.k.i.n.g. problem….

    i cant connect to ea sometimes … and when i m loged in … i lke to play… join an server…
    after 30 sec play i get kicked by PB…. and the reason is…

    You have been kicked from the game. The reason is:Punkbuster kicked player ‘R4F – Malik’(for 0 minutes) … PB INIT FAILURE (if this persists, visit slick support to manually update PunkBuster).”

    i thought ok… lets update PB…. after the update i started again and the same bullshit….
    in the beta ver there where no that… what is wrong with that PB guys…
    fix it… i bought it on steam too…. it was the easyest way to get it… i was happy … but now i m fuckedup wth the pb bullshit

  • Sigh

    It isn't like punkbuster stops cheaters anyway, they need to get rid it…

  • malafabuster

    amua goduumun cocukları duzetin la punkbuster i

  • haggisofdeath

    yeah me and my friend both have this pb kick error. manually reinstalled pbsvc with the new setup from evenbalance and updated with pbsetup. still no joy. anyone got a fix for this yet?

  • Smygen

    I've played this game with no problems Yesturday and this morning (played for about 19hours in total since release). And it started now. I've hit a few servers that dosn't have this problem tho.. They seem to be private servers and not hosted by any major companys like i3D <- These servers crash all the time, same goes with TV2's servers, despite the Nice latency they have random crashed once every two hours. I don't know if this is the problem but it might be that the once that hostes a lot of servers forgets to update the server's PB and this causes problems… Giantwalloftext also confusing to read. but hey. yeah.

    add Smygen if ye want to play on ze PC.

  • Unknown

    I have the same problem. I tried updating, but with the punk buster servers it's not working still. They should have made their own anit cheating program instead of relying on punkbuster.

  • Che

    Punkbuster is not an Antivirus but an Anticheat Programm. It seems to be better than VAC. I dont think there is a performance problem with the pb servers. Now im having problems with EA Auth servers too (Timeouts). I think EA is responsible for this shitty Service today.

    • Ahh whats that I meant, dont know why I said anti-virus..haha.

  • pb is rubbish

    F**K pb u son of b*tch.

  • erik


  • happyfinally

    I FINALLY FIXED THE PROBLEM YAY!!!! go to the pb website and download pbsetup, then add bc2 and check for updates, make sure the updates are being downloaded to c:/program files/steam 2/steammaps/common/battlefield bad company 2/pb

    it worked for me i hope it does for you

    • der der dee

      this sort of worked for me too… c:/program files/steamapps/common battlefield bad company 2/pb then had to reinstall the PBSVC

    • That only works if you dwnloaded the game through steam

  • Ham

    Worked fine last night for several hours. Now I'm getting PB INIT Failure message. What has changed, anything?

    Updated with PBsetup, hasn't made a difference. I suspect it's EA server related issue and not client problems unless all the game servers have had new patched released to them in the last 24hrs.

    Anyone else got a fix?

  • failbuster2

    Same here, fucking failbuster .. the games serverbrowser is so slow and unstable.. this is the worst crap game ever.. i can't believe it's so fucking buggy.. go fuck your self punkbuster and DICE .. i hope this will be your last game..

  • Brian

    I am in the same boat and pissed.

  • he he

    FAILBUSTER your not alone 😀 i have the same shit all the time probably when we get in to a server and can play for some time its recomended not to turn of the game and pc 😀 must stey in the server for ever 😀

  • he he :D

    whell thx to thouse who realy try to help people it goes to the BF team who works. i toke there advice and deleted the beta version of bf2 and then updated pb it worked . but i lost my rank 😀 i had 6 😀 .Whell then i restarted pc and 3 times rejoined my bf account 😀 and my rank is back but now when i try to find some servers EA failed to connect something like that 😀
    and now im siting and just laughing for no reason 😀 becous when i fix something i get some new SHIT with what i have to deal. AND THAT ALLL DAY LONG 😀 thats just 😀 😀 SOR FOR MY BAD ENGLISH
    :d :d P.S GETTING CRAZY 😀
    i have to wokr 5 days and wount find time to play ! so i hope next wekend the shit problems will be gone ! "HOPE STUPID PEOPLES consolation . 😀

  • failbuster

    I’ve had this game for a week and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been able to play online without any problems. I am very disappointed. If I am able to play at all I have to make it last because once I log off and try to play later the infamous “PB INIT FAIL” stares me in the face. And yes, I manually updated PB.

  • Anders

    what should i do, manually updated PB and yet, as of 19:34 local norwegian time i'm continually beeing kicked due to pb init failure error shait, solutions anyone?

  • Epic fail

    Today i played since around 11:00 (like around lunch time) anyway been playing this all day then i left for food and shower and came back, i joined a server, first i was kicked by an admin for an unknown reason, secondly when i tried to join any other server that wasnt full it said it was full, finaly i joined one and "YOU HAVE BEEN KICKED BY PUNKBUSTER" -.-

    • 'Punkbuster' – Its such a harsh name for an anti-virus program.. must be a real shitter for all those getting this message!

  • omg

    wheell i updated it on pb setup but it still bring me that shit error WTF ???? and what now ?

  • cmon WTF ?

    that s h i t PB ! i cant even update it on pbsetup becouse there is no battlefield bad company 2 THEN WHY THE FUCK PISS OFF PEOPLE with some shit PB if you dont even get the new version of bf in that shit setup

  • PB suck

    how to fix that shit ???????? OMG i bought the game 49$ I WANT MY MONEY BACK YOU PRICKS
    i bought it on STEAM 😀


    yea PB SUCK I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUTH THOUSE NOOOB CHEATERS I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OFF PB

  • markoulas

    got it too…! it was fine until yesterday (6 march) now i get kicked, i also tried to join a server which didnt have punbuster enable and i was kick again(wtF?). and i also manually updated the pb

  • Mike

    I was able to join servers before but now I cannot join any until today, I joined a server and PunkBuster didn't kick me fortunately but, they seriously need to fix this..

  • SeanO

    I was on fine playing yesterday. Got off for an hour or two and when I tried to get back on this PB error is what I get now. This Sucks!

  • prag

    can anyone say TOYOTA!…what a joke this is. get it togheter

  • Durbs

    pb init failure sucks…played for a couple hours, take a break and boommmmm it's broken

  • Carl

    EA are letting themselfs down badly. Its ameteur night on the servers!!!! I managed to get on the severs after running the updater program that can be found in the game folder (PC). But its very hit and miss, now Im being kicked by PB as the experiance hasnt been bad enough so far . Get a grip EA !!!!!!

  • John Tolfree

    Yes same thing here. Link does not solve the problem. Have downloaded both relevant files but still does not work. Still get kicked from game within 10 – 20 seconds of playing.
    This game needed a bit more testing before being released as there are just to many problems with it. My advise to anybody thinking of purchasing it. DONT wait to see if they sort out the mess first very poor to release a game with so many problems from day One.

    • lolhbh

      well u can download a pb updater to in the future