AT&T iPhone 3G Expansion: What about 4G?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 7, 2010

We recently reported how much AT&T would need to spend in upgrading its network to something as good as Verizon, the carrier has now said that they are to begin a number of upgrades through 2010 to its 3G network. The question is – what about the 4G network?

AT&T have not offered much in the way of details – such as which area will get the upgrades first – but Engadget suggests around a dozen locations. These include New York, Oklahoma and Florida to name a few. This expansion is great news for iPhone 3G users who have suffered the most from poor 3G coverage.

We do understand that the cell phone carrier needs to improve on its coverage, but what are they doing about 4G. We know that the iPhone 4G is coming, this could be 4G ready – but we know that the network will not be ready.

From what we know so far, AT&T will not have a 4G network ready until some time in 2011, this is when we assume a fully fledged iPhone 4G will be launched as well. The question is – will it just be on AT&T or Verizon as well?

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  • Um a 4G ready iphone won't dictate anything. Didn't people learn with the iPhone 3G? Apple won't release one, or bother designing one until the technology is well established and functioning well with good coverage. Personally, why bother with 4g, 3G would be find as long as coverage gets improved.