Apple iTunes: Store down – Are you affected?

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2010

We have been hearing numerous reports that some areas of the Apple iTunes store is not working properly, which has been affecting not only those in the US, but other regions too.

As reported from MacSlice, users have been greeted with the following message: ”We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The requested resource was not found.”

Has this affected you, in your area? From what we gather, its affecting customers in Europe too, while there are also reports that the iTunes store is not working properly in Canada too.

I’ve had no problems navigating around the UK iTunes Store though, so maybe Apple has already fixed up the issue. If the store still appears to be down for you, Apple may be updating it – which is always nice.

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  • Jordan

    Not working in Hull, UK

  • Jon

    Its not working for me half a year later. -.- I dont know if I'm the only one, but its getting extremely annoying.

  • Jo Cornish

    Not working for me now weeks later!!!!

  • Guest

    It's STILL not working in UK!!

  • Guest

    I've just sorted my issue. Just go to Edit > Preferences > Parental Control and tick iTunes Store, allow access to iTunes U and click OK. Try going to the store. Then go back to Preferences and untick iTunes Store.

    • mark

      hey man!!!!!!! it worked !!!!!!!! not wothy

    • Guest

      Brilliant! I just disabled iTunes store and re-enabled it in parental controls, and it worked. I didn't bother with iTunes U, or going to the store in between. Just disable, click "apply", then enable, "apply", and tried logging in again. Presto!

  • Catmandrew

    Still not working here in the UK and it's now 11:49!!!! Come on Apple…. sort yourselves out please!!

  • Guest

    It's almost midnight on the west coast of the US, and it's still down.

  • james

    my itunes is down in new zealand

  • Lyn Harding

    not working properly here, Kent UK

  • mills

    I cannot access itunes store in uk